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  1. Got a 2013 MK7.5 fiesta van, basically the same as a normal fiesta. I've upgraded all the interior bits and I've added all the optional extras, the only thing I dont have is the heated windscreen. Isit possible to change over the heater control module, fit the heated windscreen, and just wire it up? Anyone who has done this or who has swapped out a heated windscreen before with any tips on what I'd need or best way to remove the old one, that would be great.
  2. Update: seen a few at breakers yards, it seems like its one big loom, unsure if I can just split off the radio loom from it all.
  3. Was wondering if anyone has any info on this. I'm looking at changing the loom for the radio to the loom for the Bluetooth module, and I was wondering if I'm going to have to remove the dash to get to it all or isit possible to do it without removing it all?
  4. Afternoon everyone, I've been upgrading my stereo from the normal to the Bluetooth/handsfree model and I need the wiring loom from the stereo to connect to the Bluetooth module. I've got the loom that connects to the interior lights, microphone, and runs down the A pillar but I havent got a clue what part number I need for the loom for the Bluetooth module and stereo. Is anyone able to shed some light on this please?
  5. Unfortunately i cant upload the photos as the files are too large (taken on my S22 Ultra). Have you got an email I can send them to? If you have drop me a DM and I'll send them across. 😊
  6. Just checked my old stereo, it has 1 for the front stereo controls, 1 for the cd player part, 1 aerial port, 1 usb/aux port connector.
  7. I believe mine had 2 but I will double check today and send you some pictures. I havent fully setup my Bluetooth and DAB as of yet, I still need the wiring loom for the Bluetooth module and to connect the loom that goes to the microphone/interior roof lights so that I can use the hands free. But the phone/Bluetooth settings are there, but they just mute the stereo because I havent enabled it. Once the loom is fitted I believe its going to just need enabling on Forscan. Once I've done this, if you're nearby my area I'm more than happy to give you a hand with this.
  8. You are correct. No codes are required for the radio, but if you want DAB and Bluetooth I believe you need to enable this through Forscan.
  9. You are correct. No codes are required for the radio, but if you want DAB and Bluetooth I believe you need to enable this through Forscan.
  10. I also changed the screen and the top radio sun protector/visor thing. These came with the stereo and I won them on eBay with the stereo for a bargain price of £30 for the lot! The wiring loom and light/micrphone was around £23.80 inc delivery. Bluetooth module was around £25 ish IIRC. The new radio and screen is a lot better, as it now shows DAB channels and also shows the vehicle on the screen for my parking sensors. I'll be swapping the steering wheel next weekend from the model with the "M" button to the voice command version that has cruise control too. I'll update you on how this goes incase you want to do this yourself.
  11. I've actually upgraded mine myself, but instead of getting the Sony head unit I got the standard one with the "phone" button, instead of the "Sound" button. Once I did this, I bought the Bluetooth module that sits either on the back of the glovebox, or just above the back of it depending on if you have the mounting points for it on your model. Next was to change the interior light to the model with the microphone built in. I did this, and got a wiring loom out of a breakers yard and connected the loom to both interior lights, the sun visor lights, and the microphone. The issue I now have, is the loom that goes down the A Pillar (passenger side pillar) has a plug on that doesnt fit the one I already had installed, so I now need to find a way to identify where rhe cable goes, and then find the corresponding one to replace it with so that my lights and micrphone work again.
  12. Fitted the new stereo, but worryingly there wasnt any extra connections for where the cable from the stereo to the Bluetooth module would go, any ideas? Because right now when I press phone it just mutes the sound on the radio or aux. I also have an issue were the stereo seems smaller than my original, it has a tiny gap above the right side vent and the bottom of the stereo doesnt 'click' in so its loose, and the passenger airbag cover/indicator doesnt sit flush with it. Does this mean I will have to replace this piece? And will my stereo always have that gap now?
  13. Quick update: fitted the new stereo, screen and bought the interior light with the mic built in, also bought the loom for it all off ebay with the help of user:unofix. BUT, I cant for the life of me work out where the Bluetooth module sits behind the glovebox. All videos I've seen they have 4 7mm bolts that holds it behind the glovebox, but mine doesnt even have the holes. I've tried holdong it in all different positions and angles and cant find anywhere for it that matches up with it. I'm starting to think this is going to be a nightmare of a job and I arent gunna be able to complete this part of the project unless I tape it behind there somewhere and just hope it doesn't rattle about.
  14. I've recently got rid of my mk7 and got a mk7.5 van, and I've only just realised it has rear parking sensors on the rear bumper but it doesnt work when I go in reverse. Looked behind the bumper, and the sensors are all there connected to the loom and it looks fairly clean and undamaged. I've stripped the back panels of the boot and I cant find the rear sensor box. Any ideas on where I should be looking, or why they may not be working? I've recently upgraded the stereo from the unbranded non Bluetooth model to the unbranded Bluetooth model with the 'phone' button instead of the 'sound' button. And I still have no indication on the screen (new or old) about the resr sensors, I have no sound indication, literally nothing. I'm gunna buy an ELM 27 and download forscan and see if they are activated on there, but if they are, whats next? Do I just strip off my bumper and all panels in the boot area and try trace the cable to somewhere in the car? Or does someone know where I should be looking/what to be looking at? Any help would be greatly appreciated, this car has been a nightmare project since I got it.
  15. Thanks for that! Your a legend! I've Managed to get one from a breaker on ebay, just need the loom that goes through the A pillar to the interior light to connect the microphone 😊 Hopefully should have it all up and running by next week! Will post photos and tools needed and what not for anyone else whos thinking of upgrading to the Bluetooth model. I've also sourced the steering wheel with the cruise control buttons and the voice command button instead of the 'M'. Hoping the cable is plug and play or I'll have to strip out the cable and fit a new one, then use Forscan to enable the DAB, cruise control, and voice command etc.
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