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  1. Hi, any advice or suggestions would be appreciated, I have a 2006 Ford Fiesta, I’ve had a few issues, Ive changed the tie rod and rod end, the o/s front wheel is slightly leaning inwards at the top and I’ve changed the front tyres and had it re aligned, for some reason the steering feels quite still and jumpy at times, if you turn at speeds it’s as if it locks on at that angle and takes a bit of force to turn out of it, any bump/pothole in the road the the cars steering jumps out of place and tries to turn, any any time you’re braking the car steers to the right. My thoughts are possibly due to the o/s shock (it has had an accident on that side prior to me buying the car) possibly fault power steering pump or fluid or the steering rack, as when the cars stationary if you turn the wheel left and right to just wobble it, there sounds to be a knocking noise like there’s play in the steering rack, anyone had any similar issues and what fixed it? Thank you
  2. That’s what I’m thinking myself, I have a shock already so thinking to change that and go from there
  3. I basically brought a 2006 Ford Fiesta, I knew it had been in an accident, it’s been repaired and registered as a cat N, when viewing the car, all seemed fine, got it home left it a few days and then drove it about 4 miles and noticed the wheel was leaning inwards at the top, when taking it to a garage they said the tie rod was badly bent, so I got it changed and took it back for alignment, even after that and new tyres on the car the wheel is leaning inwards at the top, in the accident it was hit on the wing and then rim, the only other things I can think of is that the chassis is slightly bent, the shock bent or the wishbone bent but the mechanic said everything looks straight, maybe it could be the suspension top plate. Anyone had anything similar to this?
  4. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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