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  1. Bought the car 16th Jan and it was March that the first time the dealer tried to open it, and i was unaware of the app until april, to me is stinks as they missed the cabin filter and also didnt stamp the book. Paid a lot of money for this car and feel like ive been robbed by Motorpoint very poor all round.
  2. All i know when i bought it and the 1st time the ford dealer tried to get underneath they couldnt , so it was replaced under ford warranty, so for example if i changed the oil today at 10,000 surely it should not tell me that i only have 5% life 4000 miles later or 6months ? Thanks for your reply btw
  3. Thanks for reply bought it debit card, do you know if the service is as the above is correct i cant see any other option than to believe that there was no new oil proir to sale ?
  4. Wonder if anyone can help in January i bought a 19 plate focus vignale it had done 19k miles, it was from Motorpoint. I have had nothing but hassle with it feom day one , first the 2 front tyres were illegal and took 10 days to replace, then as 3 software updates were required the fors dealer could not open the bonnet due to cable issue, then came the car going into limp mode as they had fitted the air intake pipe the weong way, airbag light flashing intermitently, infotainment system crashing needing master reset pre crash collision alert flashing for no reason. Now the oil light and service indicator has come on, since last service which they say they did prior to sale, ive done less than 4k miles and its been 6 months, motorpoint have said that they did not carry out the 20k/2yr service in full as they didnt change the cabin filter, they also did not stamp the seevice book! So if the ford dealer could not open the bonnet how did they? Am i right in saying that the message i get on the app that i have 5% oil life left should not come on if the oil was changed and service counter reset? They have refused to cover the cost of doing what ford reccomend (ensure the ford schedule is maintained correctly) . Any useful info out there please. thanks in advance
  5. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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