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  1. would you kindly be able to talk me through how I do that?
  2. that's exactly how I did the automatic locking doors thing, but it doesn't work for me 😞
  3. I'm using a vGate vlinker FS USB, no switches on it
  4. I followed this video if that helps
  5. It's a 3 door model, I made the changes in the central configuration main thingy and I remember every single thing I changed, I could change them back within seconds
  6. So i ordered and recieved my forscan adapter, I decided to play around witb it and I wanted to know that if the settings that I changed/programmed don't work does it just simply mean my car doesn't support it? I tried a few things such as automatic locking doors with speed, shift indicator, audible notice when locking, global opening and closing, and a few other things too, but none of them seem to do work or do anything or make any difference, am I just doing something wrong or does my car just not support them? I definitely clicked the write button and they definitely saved so it wouldn't be that
  7. Yeah, like I said the codes were cleared since the car wouldn't go back to normal without clearing the codes, once I get the forscan I'll be sure to get it on as soon as the problem happens again if ever
  8. did your symptoms include the mph dropping to 0mph and engine light flashing on and off a few times like mine?
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/394228928129?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=k0p0wdnzs3w&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=0y0MDcFSS3S&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY I ordered this one since the other one had some really long delivery times, this one should be here within 3 days, the thing is that since clearing the codes the car seems to have been fine, so I'll get it scanned using the forscan once it decides to do it again and I'll update you guys
  10. Seemed to do it constantly too this morning during the school run, same thing happened about 8 or 9 times just minus the engine light and abs light this time.. anyone got anything?
  11. So as some of you may know, basically a month ago I got my fiesta (1.6 tdci), and in my month of ownership its only done this issue twice, once being 2 weeks ago and the 2nd being today, however this time it was severely worse, I was just wondering if anyone's had a similar issue or heard of it or know what could be up.. Basically what happens is that the engine light flashes on and off (the one with the exclamation mark only not the normal one) and sometimes the airbag light does too, and while this happens, the speedometer drops to 0 mph and the engine judders and feels like as if its about to cut out, sometimes it even does it without either of the lights coming on, it does it quite often and seemed to happen a lot more with the accelerator pedal further down (although I'm not sure if this was a coincidence).. like I said its very intermittent and it's only happened on 2 journeys in my 1 month of ownership, all help and questions are appreciated and welcome, thank you
  12. Would global window opening and closing (using the key) be something that I can get programmed or program into my fiesta mk7? that's another thing I'd love to have so I don't have to wait in the car putting the windows up before im
  13. That would be nice to have but I have auto wipers already anyway, the sensor already does that for me 😛
  14. Thank you, anyone else got anything else about what cool stuff they've been able to program into their pre face mk7 fiesta?
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