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    Fiesta 1.25 Trend 82PS Hot Magenta
  1. Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec

    I think your oil burning is hi.
  2. New Fiesta: Spare Wheel

    I have 175 65 14 tyres and spare wheel. The spare tyre is 175 65 14 with no alloy wheel at all model in Turkey. ( 195 50 15 or 195 45 16 models) No space saver model are sold in our country. Bur your boot is larger than us. 10, 20 litre
  3. Hello

    1.25 zetec is superb engine. Your car can beat the new 1.25, nearly 200 kg lighter
  4. Tire Size

    175 65 14. Bike tyre. :P
  5. Hello

    2009 model year. 1.25 82 Ps trend. 5 door. I bought 3 year extra waranty. And hot magenta color.
  6. Hello

    Glad to meet you. I'm a man. :) I advise you , travel west coast of Country ( Ege Sea) . İzmir, Efes ( Virgin Mary lived there) , Asos near Çanakkale, Ayvalık and Sarımsaklı Beach. The south of Turkey is very nice also. The Olumpos is a fantastic place. :) I live in Balıkesir a small City near İzmir. But unfortionatly fuel prices are very hi. ( near 2 euro) :( We have a great leader ,hero ATATURK . ( Lives in 1881-1938) He won the war to emparyalist in fist time in history). who make the new Turkey Repuplic from the İslamic Ottoman Impire.
  7. Ford Newbie - Which Model To Go For?!?

    1.6 TDCI will be OK. I deal for everyday drive.
  8. Hello

    Thank you mod. :)
  9. Fiesta Titanium Wheels & Tyres

    I have 14" rim with Hankook tires. Very comfortable ride. 16" rims are very harsh in Turkey roads.
  10. Hello

    Hello. :) I'm a fiesta owner. I found the site from google. I'm from Turkey. I have the 1.25 trend version. In turkey fiesta comes with 2 airbags, air con, power mirrors, power windows , etc. The titanium version has good pack. I'm a teacher in a primary school. Information Tech teacher.