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  1. wendle10

    Ka alarm problems

    Thanks for your replies guys. I tried the bonnet switch 1st. I checked it with an electrical tester & also disconnected it but the same happens. It sounds like the siren is mounted somewhere near the rear underneath the car. I shall have to have a look when the weathers brighter. If all fails i might just beat it with a hammer until it wails no more!
  2. wendle10

    Ka alarm problems

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could help with a problem we have on my partners Sport Ka. The other morning at 4am the alarm kept going off. We just opened & locked it thinking a cat must have jumped on it etc. But when my partner cam home from work that day, every time she locked it the alarm went off. I've checked the bonnet switch, the two door contacts & also the boot catch. All seem to be in working order. At present we've just taken the fuse out so as not to get on the wrong side of our neighbours. Does anyone have any ideas why it would suddenly do this? Regards, Lee