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  1. Happy Birthday r0b3r7!

  2. r0b3r7

    Mk1 Interior Air Vents

    Thanks for the heads up! I think that'll do the job nicely!!! :D Cheers mate
  3. r0b3r7

    Mk1 Interior Air Vents

    Ah we'll, just a thought. Thanks for the replies! :)
  4. r0b3r7

    Mk1 Interior Air Vents

    This is probably going to sound stupid, so apologies in advance :) But will the vents from a MK2 (05-10) fit a MK1 (98-04) Reason I'm asking is that the vents in the mk1 are terrible IMO, I'd like to fit a vent mounted phone cradle, but due to the shape, it doesn't fit properly Cheers :)
  5. r0b3r7

    2011 Zetec S 1.6 Tdci - Dpf Query

    Thanks for your replies folks! Some great info there, much appreciated!! :D
  6. r0b3r7

    2011 Zetec S 1.6 Tdci - Dpf Query

    Good stuff, also will this ever need an EOLYS top up at some point?? And are there any other issues i should be aware of before i commit to buying :) Sorry for all the questions lol
  7. Sorry I haven't posted in such a long time, and apologies if this has been asked before (I've searched but couldn't find a definitive answer) I'm thinking of getting shot of my 1.6 petrol Focus, and replacing with a Fiesta 1.6 TDCI (pref Zetec/Zetec S) as the Focus its costing too much in fuel etc (£60-£70 a week) I've read various horror stories regarding the DPF, one being that a regen will cost upwards £1000. Currently i do around 300+ miles a week (just over 16,000 a year) as i need to travel 30 miles to and from work, almost all of the journey is on the motorway With the mileage that i'm doing, will the dpf cause me any problems? Thanks in advance
  8. r0b3r7

    Gear Knob

    Search for a local scrap yard that deals with insurance write off's, they're usually gold mine's especially for fairly new cars. Theres one ST on eBay, you could email the garage and ask how much they would take for the gear knob, you can always haggle as i did for a few items when i had my Corolla http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FORD-FOCUS-ST170-BRAKING-SPARES-/270731486578?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3f08daa572#ht_720wt_1139
  9. r0b3r7

    Spacesaver Wheel

    not sure if it would fit a caravan tbh, you'd need to check the stud pattern etc i wouldnt trust a space saver on something like that as its really not much wider than a bicycle tyre
  10. r0b3r7

    New Foc Supporter Membership

    Well i signed up as it was advertised as 50% off, so my membership only cost a fiver :). I signed up as im part of an administrator active forum community, and know the costs involded (thats not counting personal hours spent doing maintenance and site improvements) I doubt very much that the site would go to a pay to post forum
  11. r0b3r7

    New Head Unit

    Hey folks, im thinking of getting a new head unit, the standard 6000CD is doing my head in, especially when it comes to CD-R's Now, i dont have a bottomless pit of money, so i'm looking in the range of £150 MAX price. Any suggestions on an specific model? Also with a new unit, will my steering column controls still work. Cheers
  12. r0b3r7

    Focus-None Dpf.

    Just as well i dont have one then... i already have a money magnet... an 18 month old daughter lol Given me food for thought as i was thinking of getting a diesel Focus in the future (2 years or so)... maybe not after reading that lol. Does anyone know if this has been carried across to the MK3?
  13. r0b3r7

    Focus-None Dpf.

    Hahaha, whatever it is sounds a right royal pain in the t*ts And dont get me started on "global warming" lol
  14. r0b3r7

    Focus-None Dpf.

    I don't own a diesel but have noticed alot of DPF related posts... What exactly is the DPF and what is it's purpose... Just out of interest :)
  15. Or just go to a ford dealership. That happened when I had an escort many moons ago. Cost me about £5 8/9 years ago. Shouldn't cost much more than a tenner for a new badge