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  1. Hi guys finally managed to get the injector out of my mondeo tdci but it seems some of the thread from the block has come out with in the injector thread. Will a new injector still go in ok or is it buggered? If so what can i do if anything? Cheers lee
  2. Mondeo Cylinder Order

    But i do need this socket to unscrew it do i?
  3. Mondeo Cylinder Order

    Have taken off the fuel pipe and electric connector but they won't pull out, have tried turning them and giving them a good pull but seem to be stuck in solid
  4. Mondeo Cylinder Order

    Do i have to remove the cam cover to remove the injector or should it just pull straight out after i have unplugged all the electrics from the top?
  5. Mondeo Cylinder Order

    Started taking the injector apart but struggling to actually take it out now. Any ideas guys???
  6. Mondeo Cylinder Order

    Cheers mate. Need to take the injector out to see which kind i need to order then was going to take it down to the garage for some one to fit and recode it. Hopefully that will sort it out fingers crossed.
  7. Mondeo Cylinder Order

    Thanks alot mate. Do you know if the injectors are hard to remove or is it just a simple twist and pull thing?
  8. Hi all just a quick question. Had a diagnostics done the other day and says that injector 4 above knocking threshold. Am going to replace injector number 4 this weekend, i believe it's in cylinder 2. My question is which is cylinder number 2. Does it run cylinder 1. 2. 3 4. from left to right or 4. 3. 2. 1. from right to left. Regards lee
  9. Glow Light On And No Turbo

    Thanks for the reply mate
  10. Hi there everyone. Started my car the other day and the glow light started flashing on the dashboard, hardly any power and the turbo wasn't kicking in. Decided to take it straight to a garage to hook it up on the diagnostics machine. Came up with number 4 injector above threshold or something like that. Does this mean i will definitely need to change the injector and will the car be stuck in limp mode until i do. Many thanks lee
  11. Hi there new to this site so bear with me.lol. Have a mondeo tdci on a 52 plate, started it up to leave work 2days ago and the glow light plug started flashing. Turned the car off an on and the light went away. 2 miles down the road the light came back on and had no turbo. Drove to the garage a few hours later to put it on the diagnostics machine and i came back with number 4 injector above threshold or something along them lines. Tried to delete the codes but car is still the same. Does this mean that i will defiantly need to change this injector and also will it stay in limp mode until i do? Thanks lee