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  1. Can't Wait To Get Rid Of It!

    Money down that as soon as you order one and take it home you'll begin to notice issues/niggles. Anyway this is just my opinion, I know the two aren't comparable. But from driving a BMW and then getting back into my mk7; I will never buy a ford again. H19
  2. After test driving and ordering a new BMW 1 Series the other day, I really have realised what a pile of junk the Fiesta mk7 actually is! It looks nice and drives OK I suppose but the internals of this car are shocking, there has been nothing but rattles and other issues since the day I picked up the thing. It's as if they put a toddler inside the Fiesta and gave it a load of cheap plastic to put together. Don't even get me started on the 2012/13 facelift ****EURGH**** Anyway rant over. Can't for the day when I go to the garage and hand over the keys. H19
  3. Hi all, This is a common problem but I just wondered if anyone knew of a fix or workaround for this issue? Basically as soon as I enter the car with my iPhone, the bluetooth connection is made, but my iPod will automatically start playing music from my library. It is silent as I am always listening to my AUX connection, but obviously when choosing bluetooth input the music will play aloud. The issue is, my iPhone is still playing the songs even if it the bluetooth connection is not selected and cannot be heard. Therefore I am having my battery life drained. Would really appreciate any advice, Thanks, Harv
  4. Hi everyone, I need to replace my front bumper as I knocked some rockery the other day when reversing out of a parking space. Would anyone be kind enough as to explain to me each step required to remove the front bumper? As far as I'm aware there isn't a thread already explaining this process, but I stand to be corrected if otherwise! Many thanks, Harvey
  5. Been A While Guys!

    Woah this thread got going quickly! Haha, well I don't want to do anything such as painting as may reduce value of car when it comes to trading back in. Just looking for simple effective mod's really but I guess I've got most of them done already! May go for HID's soon but who knows :)
  6. Been A While Guys!

    Ah man I'd love to! Car's on finance for another year though so I can't do any permanent modifications, I probably should have stated that haha.
  7. Been A While Guys!

    What up guys, As the title suggests: It's been a while since I last posted here! Wondering if anyone had any good ideas for simplistic mods? Or just any decent and not so costly ideas! At the moment I have; White overlay badges, Red LED footwell lighting, Upgraded headlight bulbs, De-badged lettering, Custom number plate and lastly a subwoofer fitted in the boot. Let me know!! Cheers :D
  8. Hey was wondering if anyone on here has this plate?? Drove past them in my village yesterday, Greenfield in Bedfordshire. I was wondering if it might be someone registered on here? Was a bright green: Focus RS (NICE) Harvey
  9. Tato: Are You A Potato?

    Lol guys no alcohol here! Don't tell me that you don't think about potatos when you read his name ;P
  10. Tato: Are You A Potato?

    Come on man tell the truth ;)
  11. Hey all, a while back I installed a Subwoofer with a built in Amp. The problem is, I wired it in to the LEFT side front/rear speakers. Is it worth rewiring it (Hassle) so that it is instead wired to the left/right FRONT speakers? In other words, am I losing performance as the subwoofer is not connect to the right channel? Thanks!
  12. Led Foglights Anyone?

    Ah mate they look the DOGZ, defo ordering mine first thing tmoz :P
  13. Should I buy this guys? Can't decide!!! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  14. What Do You Think Of These Reg Plates?

    Those are awesome, too bad I already ordered :P
  15. Illegally Spaced Registration Plates

    How funny, I spent my childhood walking to and back from the school that sits on that road... Springmead!! So it's a very VERY small world :P Yea, I'm hoping I'll be fine with my car :)