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  1. Are you 100% sure it's the switch? If i was you i would check the wires of the switch using a multimeter. Mine was working over the weekend but today it stopped. So, i removed the switch completely from the car and using a multimeter at the contacts operated the switch...no sign of continuity so was about to hoy the switch into the bin when i decided to check the wiring...i scraped a bit of the insulation off right next to the switch itself on both wires and tested the wires themselves ie from the contacts to my scrape marks...One of the wires wasn't giving continuity so i stripped back the rubber sleeve/conduit that the wires are in and found a break in the wire...the wire was corroded badly for about 2'' along itself. It looks like most of wire is pretty corroded right up to the switch itself but anyway, i soldered in a 2'' strip of spare wire i had lying around and it now works but i doubt the repair will last too long due to all the corrosion. I'm gonna try and source a new switch assy from a breakers.
  2. Thanks a million for that mate, much appreciated.
  3. Nice write up Catch. Would be interesting to hear the theories on why disconnecting and subsequently reconnecting the battery causes this problem to rear it head? As said, my next line of attack will be to clean the switch contacts as i suspect them.
  4. 2006 Focus 1.8 TDI Hi all, Thought i'd add my issue as well. Like others above, i also couldn't open the boot with the boot switch, only with the remote. I removed the rubber boot from the switch, in which water came out, and pushed and pulled a wee bit at the switch and now it works...I didn't remove the trim surrounding the switch but sprayed WD40 in there. If it happens again I'll take the trim off. Like others my car has just had the alternator replaced and thus had the battery disconnected... This seems to be more than a coincidence as others have already found but how can the 2 be connected in this problem???! How do i remove the trim to get at the microswitch contacts?...do i just remove the screws from the reg plate light holders?? Also, where is the fuse for this switch?...i can't find its location in the manual. Cheers, Chris
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