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  1. Heater blower direction

    I removed the pollen filter and it was full of crap. I will get a new one on Monday. Just as a test tho...i went into the car while the pollen filter was removed and checked to see if the blowers would change direction with no obstruction where the pollen filter was........but still no change....just blowing onto the screen. I have the HAynes workshop manual arriving this week then i will look how to remove the centre console around the switches to check those. If everything is ok is it worth buying a second hand switch from Ebay or alike?
  2. Heater blower direction

    Excuse my ignorence but can you tell me esactly where those items are please?
  3. Heater blower direction

    Yeah its worth it but i am going to do a little more digging first. But thanks for your help anyway!!!!
  4. Heater blower direction

    Yeah just the direction of the air flow doesnt work
  5. Heater blower direction

    I have read on another mondeo group that it could be a blocked vaccuum pipe or something.....any ideas?
  6. Heater blower direction

    And whats the damage for a new one of those and is it easy to fit?
  7. Hi all i hope someone can help. I have a MK2 1998 LX Verona, and when i turn the blowers on the air is continuously direct to the windscreen vents. Doesnt matter which dial setting on for the direction, if i put it to blow on the floor it still blows on the windscreen. The car has aircon and it would be nice if i could get it to blow from somewhere else. Thanks in advance Jason