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    Only another newbe

    only just got my street ka this week - had a mixture of cars in the past this being the smallest lol ummm - well i just turned 24 (today) my name is Sarah-Jayne i currently live in Southampton (orginally from essex) was living in South wales last year on me own - aiming to head back eventually love wales!!!!!! lol i drive a 1.6 street ka on an '04 v.proud owner i must say lol ummm dunno what else you'd wanna know so yeah umm HI :D here are pics of me and my car
  2. lazyass

    Only another newbe

    aww thank you for the kind welcome hehe so what do you do about meets and things?? enlighten me on ur set up :) xx
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    FOC Age group Poll!

    only just turned 24 and the theory is - as old as you feel or the person ya feeling ;) lol