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  1. My Focus Tddi Bicentenarian

    I had not considered painting my interior mirror. The only thing I had considered for my interior mirror would be to swap it for an auto dimming unit from a MK3 Mondeo. It's not really something I had considered as a styling piece for my car! -T
  2. Shame that no-one does these type of dials for the MK1 Focus. These won't fit the MK1 Focus as the MK1 has two smaller knobs and a larger one, rather than three the same size. I am wondering if a set for a Suzuki SX4 will fit on our little Suzuki Alto -T
  3. My Focus Tddi Bicentenarian

    Thanks for the comments. I can't say I find my gauges too bright at night. However, mine are illuminated by an ignition feed - the same feed which powers the oil pressure gauge up, which means any voltage fluctuations would alter the reading it gives :( However, as I say I don't find mine too bright. All that said, I do have some DRLs to fit to my Focus, and I have that very GenLabs relay to power them -T
  4. 1.8 Dtdi

    It has happened, I have known one or two people to have bearing failures either on the big ends or small ends of the conrods. It is a rare occurrence though. Fortunately second hand replacement engines are readily available. However I would highly doubt you will have this problem. As long as it's regularly serviced (10k/1 year oil change, 20k/2 year fuel and air filters, 50k/5 year timing belt are my recommendations) you shouldn't have any real problems. -T
  5. Did you have an accident, or did you decide to strip for parts and scrap the shell? -T
  6. er, oops... What happened?! -T
  7. Hello all. Thought I would share some pictures of my Focus TDDi Zetec, the "Bicentenarian". Some of these may have been posted here before. If that's the case, I apologise. Some of you will recognise my car, anyone who's been a member of the FFOC for a while will know it. I say "for a while" as I stopped using the FFOC. Trying to get into the club scene again, so here I am. My car stayed more-or-less the same for a good while, but the last 12 months have seen some big changes. Sadly, one of those is the onset of rust, I am currently in the process of getting that all sorted out. First up will be a replacement tailgate (again, long-time members of FFOC will recognise it...). Then I need to source some replacement doors due to rust on the bottom lips. However, those aside, here are the changes that have happened over the past 12 months: *installation of oil pressure and boost gauges. Still an unfinished project as I need to finish filling and sanding the housing and get it painted *installation of a full black leather Recaro interior from an ST170, with heated front seats, and the drivers seat electrically height adjustable *Replacing my tail lights with Ultra LED "techno" lights, the smoked variety *Refurbing my alloy wheels to black On the to-do list are: *Getting the tailgate I have acquired painted and fitted to the car *Replacing my headlights - thinking of going for some ST170 headlights, with clear indicators of course! *Replacing my rusty doors (3 out of 4 of them are rotten). Anyway, enough talk, here are the pics Lovely black leather recaros Oil and Boost gauge Tail lights Alloy refurb - I am undecided whether to go with black bump strips or not, hence why only one side is done. I didn't paint them, all I did was stick some black vinyl on them. Quite happy with the centre cap decals as well :) My mother-in-law is an avid quilter, here's an example of her handiwork So, who does recognise this boot? It will change slightly before it's fitted to my car... I plan to change my headlights. Over a year ago, I installed some LEDs in as sidelights, but they are quickly dying out, and I am NOT opening these up again! I don't know how this got in there... And my cats seem to like my car... Any comments welcome -T
  8. Andy, your saloon is looking amazing mate. I remember your old TDDi, it was a very tidy looking machine. Obviously I've been out of touch with the forums lately as I didn't know you'd got rid of your TDDi - what happened to it? -T
  9. 1.8Tddi Zetec Diesel

    Well I can probably put your mind very much at ease. I have that very model. Mine is a 1999 Focus 1.8TDDi Zetec, a 5-door hatch. I bought mine in October 2004 and have had it ever since. When I bought my car, it was showing just below 127,000 miles. Mine had previously been a lease car, but was leased as a company car for a sales rep. It's 127k had been done by one driver who had had the car serviced more or less bang on each of it's 10,000 mile service intervals, and I got a full history book with the car. My car now has 205,000 miles on the clock. It has passed every MoT since I got it, only picking up a couple of advisories along the way for brake pipe rust (which you will get through time, regardless what car you own!) The TDDi engine has a couple of so-called "common" failures, but truthfully one isn't as common as websites such as Honest John would have you believe. The truthful biggest weak point on the TDDi engine is the electronic fuel injection pump. This failed on mine when it was on 198,000 miles. A replacement "virgin" reconditioned pump from a Bosch specialist cost me an eye-watering £450. I then shelled out extra for new fuel injection pipes, seals, pulleys, and a timing belt kit. And including buying tools to get the job done (Timing pin set and a special torx socket), it then came to £700, but I saved on labour costs by fitting it myself. Don't panic that you have bought a bad car, as this fault is not just a Focus failing! This type of Bosch fuel pump is the weak point on a number of different models - the MK4 Astra/MK2 Vectra 1.7DTi, Audi A4s, and others - anything with the fly-by-wire bosch fuel pumps basically. The failure is typically a little sensor inside the pump. There are places which will take your pump and repair the electronics which would be substantially cheaper than a reconditioned pump like I fitted on my car. The other reported "common" failure is big &/or small end bearing failure, usually number 3 cylinder. I think this has actually been a result of a bad batch of shells to be honest, because the ones I have known to fail have all been on similarly aged cars, so I don't think this is as common a failure as some websites would have you believe. Other than my fuel pump going, the only failures on my car have been: 1 - a leaking fuel injection pipe shortly after I bought it (Cost me about £25 for a new set of injection pipes), and 2 - a burst turbo boost hose (I have now replaced all mine with silicone items which totalled around £60 - cheaper than replacing them with Ford items!). Then beyond that it's been the sort of typical wear and tear items you might expect to have to replace on any car if it's done a lot of miles - Suspension ball joints (anti-roll bar links go quickly, particularly with the very very well maintained roads in the UK :-P), brake discs and pads, wheel bearings. Benefits of the 1.8TDDi is that, besides the dodgy bosch fuel pumps, they are relatively bomb-proof. As long as you change the oil, coolant and filters regularly, then you should have very few problems. Timing belts are, according to Ford, every ten years or 100,000 miles depending which comes first, but I would recommend doing them sooner (the belts can last 100,000 miles. The tensioner pulleys, however, cannot). My 1.8TDDi has consistently delivered between 45 and 50MPG, which should be pleasing to you if you have been used to around 30. I also think the TDDi engine has plenty of get-up-and-go. Granted, newer TDCi engines are much faster, however you pay for that with more fragile parts ready to go wrong and cost you a lot of money (Expensive fuel injectors, dual mass flywheels, etc. etc.). So, have you bought a good car? Well I've done 78,000 miles in mine over 7 and a half years. So I would say so! -T
  10. I have just fitted a pair of these to my MK1 Focus. These are a nice easy modification. And even though my Focus has sound deadening on the underside of the bonnet (mines is a diesel), it doesn't actually have to be removed to access the jets, the jets are mounted just behind the rear edge of the sound deadening. -T
  11. Laugh you may, but there was sensible advice further up. Buy a diesel. The 1.6TDCi can be had with 110PS, which is plenty quick enough. And the diesel is in a low insurance group, as well as getting better MPG. Either that or just forget about power figures until you have some NCB, then buy something with the power to begin with. You'll pay less to insure an off-the-production 2.0 Focus than you would to insure yours with a 2.0 conversion. ;) -T
  12. Central Scotland Meet

    I'd love to get to an FOC meet, I'll be keeping an eye out (along with C-Max Boy 1983). Sadly, though, August is completely out the window for me, I don't have a quiet weekend all month :( -T
  13. South Scotland Role Call

    1)C-MaxBoy1983, Davy, Edinburgh, C-Max Zetec 1.6 TDCI. 2)Teribus, Chris, Selkirk, 1999 Focus 1.8TDDi Zetec 3) 4) 5)
  14. Teribus Saying Hello

    I'd rather hope you know my car, Davy! @dezwez, cheers mate -T
  15. The Number Picture Thread.