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  1. How Good Is The 60Plate S-Max -Where Are They?

    i've got the new s-max on a 10 plate and have no problems with it at all since i had it and i got it brand new with 0 miles on the clock
  2. Meet In The South Wales Area Sometime In The Summer?

    i'm intrested and a mate of mine with a mondeo is to
  3. Daytime Running Lights

    hi thanks for the reply but these cars with both headlights and drl's on at the same time are definatly not aftermarket led lights they are the ones that ford fitted in the factory. i see this issue daily where i live but am really annoyed that my car doesn't do it. has anyone got a workshop manual for the s-max that they can email or put a link on here for me
  4. Daytime Running Lights

    hi thanks for the reply i have a new car with the led daytime lights in the bottom of the bumper. these are the lights i want to have on at the same time as the headlights as i have seen it on others
  5. S-MAX self diagnostics test

    i had the exact same codes took the car to the dealer they hooked it up to the computer but found no faults so just cleared the codes and they haven't returned to the car.
  6. Turbo Problems On S Max Diesel ?

    to be on the safe side i would just get the car recovered and have the garage give you a courtesy car. Its always better to be safe than sorry
  7. Daytime Running Lights

    Hi all, Well i've got a new s max with drl's and have seen others that have them on at the same time as their headlights Just wanted to know how to do this as it looks really good but mine doesn't do it and there is nothing about it in the manual and my local dealer doesn't know anything about it???? Any help or advice will be gratefully received Thanks Everyone
  8. Have I Made A Mistake?

    the new ones are brilliant we've got a new 10 plate s max 2.0 tdci 140 titanium and its totally fault free had it since they first released the new style. 100% buy a new style s max you'll love it
  9. Adaptive Cruise Control

    You could just ask the salesman if it has adaptive cruise control?? Hope you get exactley what you want these are great cars as long as you get the right one
  10. Help

    Hi there i am in need of some help locating the common rail sensor in my 2010 2.0 tdci 140 s max any help or photo's would be a grate help
  11. S-MAX self diagnostics test

    hi i ran the self test and have found 2 error codes can anybody tell me what these codes mean the codes are as follows DTC 01- 40168 DTC 02- 40268 many thanks
  12. For sale

    Hi is it for sale still and is it in black??? for a S max??? £35 ok
  13. S-MAX self diagnostics test

    Hi there just watched your video will it work on the new s max with the start/stop button???????? many thanks
  14. Parcel Shelf

    where can i get a cheap parcel shelf in black for my s-max ? i have seen only 1 on eBay for £65+ plus postage...i dont want to pay that!!!! has anybody got any ideas??? Many Thanks
  15. Powershift

    Hi i also have a new 2.0tdci 140 titanium powershift s-max and seem to be getting around 450 miles to a full tank of diesel. are you putting regular or the more expensive ultimate diesel in the car