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  1. Happy Birthday bradshaw85!

  2. Wheel Bearing Kit + Headache

    Ok recently i have been getting annoyed with a horrible sound from my focus :( i took it to National Tyres (NEVER AGAIN!!!) and they say its the Drivers shaft and Wheel Bearings and quoted £450... i priced it all up at Eurocp and 132 for the parts at this point cowboy national tyres can do one. me being me a money saving !Removed! thought ok lets take it to Kwik fit who diagnosed it with it just being the Wheel bearings... GOOD perfect ok i will buy this kit then from EuroCP. a mechanic that was reccomended to me from my mum now says that the SNR bearings are crap and not worth the pennies. http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Ford_Focus_1.6_2002/p/car-parts/car-transmission/transmission-parts/wheel-bearing-and-wheel-hub/?628590230&1&026206a25365719ad627d0397522edd7cca9ad49&WBRK can someone shed some light PLEASE :) and if you know any mechanics in the Warrington area that would be PERFECT !
  3. Focus Elle + 0 Ncb + Only Just Passed

    No that would be in the instructors car. i got a good quote from Ford and taken it out with them, they offer some decent perks. and they will knock 400£ off when i pass my passplus, so its on me to sort it out.
  4. Focus Elle + 0 Ncb + Only Just Passed

    some nice help there guys and some good information :) Piggy i am booked in on the passplus for 130 with my instructor :)
  5. Finnally passed my driving test 6 months on from buying my little car :) ... now im stumped when it comes to choosing the insurance, its so so so expensive, have you guys got any tips how to lower the insurance ? Thanks.
  6. Rear wiper has stopped working :( in these days of real bad rain, it suddenly stopped working, i have replaced the fuse under the glove compartment and still nading, phoned the garaeg and they say it sounds like the motor gone kaput. Checked the haynes manual and no information on how to replace. Thought one of you brainiacs will know :) and how much they should cost.
  7. Interior Parts Needed :)

    ahhhhhhhh ok :) im learning bit by bit. expect more questions. i am honestly not this dim hahaha, cars are out of my league but i will become more confident sooner or later.
  8. Interior Parts Needed :)

    haha Cheers, prob a question which will make me look like a complete newbie now, is my car a MK1 / Mk2 and what does MK mean ?
  9. Interior Parts Needed :)

    are you trying to confuse me lol ? i just loooked on Google for ST170 Dash Board lots of custom ones.
  10. Interior Parts Needed :)

    Sound information from you both... i didnt even know what to search for haha (im still learning). Just ordered a Haynes manual, maybe i can refer to that in the future lol.
  11. Interior Parts Needed :)

    Ok, 1 month since buying my Focus, i have settled in a removed some things i didn't want when purchasing (tint windows etc). im in the need of a Few things but need a little help how to replace and where to buy them from. The pedals are in need of glaming up lol. they just look really tatty, i have heard that the car will fail a MOT if the correct ones are not put on the car. The Dashboard where the cd player is needs replacing, the previous owner butchered the outside of where the original cd player was. i just dont know where to get a replacement or how easy it is to replace.
  12. Hello All :) I Need Your Help Please

    LoL, its kept me amused in the Office reading the posts :-) The exhaust is booked in for 22nd this month :) and it will be replaced so if anybody want to buy the previous one let me know :)
  13. Hello All :) I Need Your Help Please

    Hense why i want the original one back =) do you reccomend any cheaper places to fit and replace for £143 ? :)
  14. Hello All :) I Need Your Help Please

    i dont know how to find out what exhaust it is. i can find out tho, it does sound loud but not Subaru exhaust loud, if that makes sense. I will upload some pictures later on after work.
  15. Hello All :) I Need Your Help Please

    wow cheers for the quick response, yeah they put on some 17" tyres, and tinted the windows but the windows are sorted :) i've had the engine looked at and no changes there :), this is my first car, should there anything i should look for ?