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  1. Recently I had to disconnect the battery from my Mondeo. I've notice that the one touch operation to raise the driver's window no longer works. Is there a reset for this function please?
  2. The Manual for my 05 plate Mondeo quotes the EC base kerb weight as 1590kg. Can anyone confirm that the Ford calculation includes a full fuel tank and a driver at 75(?)kg?
  3. Keys

    Thansk Do the programming instructions come with the blip?
  4. Keys

    One of the keys to our 05 plate Mondeo has will not blip the lock anymore. It had been working intermittently and this morning our Ford garage replaced the battery and now it doesn't work at all. They tested it and reported that the sender in the key had failed (our other key works perfectly). I'm told a new sender is £50 plus £60 for programming. £110 seems a lot. Is there a cheaper was to achieve the same end?
  5. Does anyone know which fuse is for the cigarette lighter in the centre console on a Mondeo 05 plate, please? I want to use it for TomTom but its stopped working. I suspect the socket but the dealer (closed at the moment) suggested checking the fuse. I've pulled all the 20 and 25amp fuses, that leaves a 30amp but I don't want to pull it as it may be the engine management system. The hand book isn't helpful - it shows symbols which 'may be used' - there are no symbols on the fuse box!! There is another lighter socket in the boot which still works - would they share the same fuse? Thanks