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  1. Happy Birthday bigdaz86!

  2. hi guys hope you can help i just bought new rear lights from ebay but upon going to fit them i discover the connector bit that came with them (one on each light as they came without bulbs) are completely different from whats there. the top bulb that is on the original lights fits there but the bottom cable does not stretch enough or fit. also there is only 2 bulbs in these lights and i have 3 in my current ones? can anyone help me. its a 57 plate focus style and this is the part number of the lights i got FO36L69S.
  3. Back Bits On Outside Of Door And Window Fading?

    your cars well minted mate much did that set u bk if u dont mind me askin?
  4. What Are Better Bulbs

    have you not got the owners manual it should tell you which different type of bulbs you need for each? i was recommended the phillips ones when i enquire before but im just going to wait and buy a pair of angel eyes instead.
  5. Back Bits On Outside Of Door And Window Fading?

    ok excellent thanks for that mate cheers, just looks tatty when this starts to happen. thats a nice motor you've got :D
  6. i have noticed the blck parts on the outside of the door next to the window are fading with white patches does anyone know how to restore this?
  7. Swapping Cd Player???

    cool thanks for that al need to get a set. i bought it from ebay for £56 its the 6 disc sony one it should be good. it only went so cheap because it didnt have the key code and it had a v serial number which your supposed to need a dealer to get but i found a guy on ebay who can get the code for under £5 so its been a real bargain.
  8. Swapping Cd Player???

    i have just bought a sony 6 cd player for my focus and will be swapping it over for the old one. how hard is it to do this and do i need any special tools? oh the sony cd player is the one found in focuses so is same shape etc.
  9. new lights have arrived waiting to get them done in black and my smoked side repeaters and k&n air filter are also here, just waiting on my 6 disc sony cd player to arrive!

  10. Removing Badges

    ok cheers mate
  11. Whats A Good Cd Player For My Mk 2 Focus?

    i also wanted to know if it was difficult to swap the cd players over?
  12. Any Point Modding?

    yeah once you start you'll be searching high and low for all sorts of stuff for your car. mines a standard 1.8 focus so not exactly lightning quick either but theres no harm in it looking good or individual?
  13. Recommended Led's

    jesus thats alot of work for a new light colour??? be interested to see if you manage to do it?
  14. Whats A Good Cd Player For My Mk 2 Focus?

    i found this on ebay could it be legit? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200509859434&_trksid=p2759.l1259
  15. Whats A Good Cd Player For My Mk 2 Focus?

    i take it its expensive to get the code? whats a good aftermarket one to get then?