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  1. Where's All My Loose Change Going!!

    Theres a hole in the carpet under the sear where the air vent comes out of. U can pull the vent off and you might find them in that hole somewhere. The vents clip in. Dont ask me how to put the vents back, because I pulled mine out because they were rattling lol
  2. Same here, any hints and tips to fix would be brilliant :)
  3. Adjusting Rear Doors

    Cheers Blade :)
  4. Adjusting Rear Doors

    Cheers :) Mines nowhere that bad, just I can push the door in :( I wonder if the rear striker can be adjusted!
  5. Am I Being Too Fussy?

    I got this problem with the rear passenger door. Can that striker be adjusted like the fronts? Because at the moment I can push the door is a bit, unlike the drivers side where its solid.
  6. Adjusting Rear Doors

    Ive noticed that the rear passenger door on my fiesta doesnt shut as tight as the right rear door. I can push the door in on the passenger whereas the right hand side doesnt move. And im sure this is where my wind noise is coming from. Can I adjust the latch or the hook on the rear door to make it tighter? Thanks
  7. Help!!!! Bonnet Wont Open

    Thanks. I put my body wight on the lever and still wouldnt open. So got my mate to press down on the bonnet while I tried again and it opened!! :) So greased the lock mechanism up and its fine now! Phew!!
  8. Help! I tried opening the bonnet now to top up the windscreen fluid. And It wont pop open. I pill the lever but it wont pull down. I dont want to force it and break it. Anyone have any ideas??
  9. Anyone Seen An 11 Plate Fiesta Yet?

    See a 11 plate every day lol We have a 11 plate Nissan Juke on the drive haha
  10. Adjustment Of Projector Headlight Mk7.

    Im not sure of the height needed. But the pattern should be like this ----\______-----\______ The top lines of the cutoff should line up with both lights like my crude pic above lol. I just park facing a wall and U can see the cutoff lines pretty well :)
  11. Adjustment Of Projector Headlight Mk7.

    On the back of the headlamp there are white plastic screws which you can turn with a philips screwdriver or a hex drive. Be careful the plastic is really soft and you can mangle the head easy. I cant see any to adjust the horizontal only the vertical. Hope that helps.
  12. Longer Wiper Blade

    Try wiperblades.co.uk THey might have some
  13. Bad Back Anyone?

    Ah glad its not me!!! I came from my Focus ST, and within 2 weeks lower back started hurting. Adjusting the seat as Rogue suggested does work. I need to adjust mine again because my backs starting to hurt again. Either that or I need a new mattress on my bed lol
  14. Bluetooth Mobile Music

    I got bluetooth, USB and AUX
  15. Sound From 1 Speaker Only

    Hi thanks for that :) Didnt work for me. So I decided to disconnect the battery for an hour and now its working!! Very odd, but the fader and balance settings still say the sound is coming from rear left. But its not. We shall see how long it lasts :) lol