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  1. Car number 2 - a very nice Zetec S with upgraded radio :)
  2. New Member Saying Hi !!!!

    Hi and welcome to the Forum :D
  3. Help With A Complaint On New Car

    I would write a letter to the Manger/dealer principal about your experience you had of trying to get your car repaired when you found a problem. I would explain the process you went through and the number of phone calls you had had to make to get the problem resolved to your satisfaction. I would be clear that you expected more from them as you had had good service when buying the car ( always good to praise them to make them see that you hold them in good regard ;) ). I would suggest that they review their procedures for such a problem to ensure things are dealt with more speedily next time. A positive but direct approach is always the best in these cases, I think.
  4. Update Of My Zetec S (Pics)

    The car looks very nice indeed :) Congratulations
  5. New Member

    Hi there and welcome to the FOrum :D
  6. My New Fiesta Titanium

    My wife should have hers by the middle of next week and then I should get mine in the middle of October. Just looking at the details of selling my present car or trading it in. I live in poland so things take a little longer to sort out.
  7. Pope Debate

    We elect a government to run the affairs of the state to the best of their ability and hopefully do the best they can. This isn't based upon which party you support or not but on the facts of the situation. For many people, religion is very important to them and they need it to help them through life. I am not one of them, but I understand people who do actually believe. What I would say is that the visit of the pope is going to be very helpful for many catholics around the country and many will feel his visit as a fulfilment of a life of believing in God. Let's think about it another way. The financial crisis that has brought the UK to it's knees due to the overindulgence of bankers has left the UK with a near £200bn budget deficit and they still haven't learned their lesson! £10m for the visit of a very important person who brings the spotlight to the UK, gives hope to many, is cheap in my eyes!
  8. My New Fiesta Titanium

    You should do before and after pictures so that we can see how hard you worked on cleaning it ;). Looking forward to seeing the pictures :)
  9. Hi!!

    Hi and welcome to the place :)
  10. New Member

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Nice car by the way :). I have never owned a Mondeo, but I have driven one and I was pleasantly pleased with it. I hope you have many happy years of motoring :)
  11. My New Fiesta Titanium

    Really glad to hear you are enjoying the car :). Do you have any photo's?
  12. Ford Fiesta Mk7 1.25 Ghia

    Congratulations on the car:D Looking forward to some photo's also :)
  13. New Fiesta Owner Saying Hello!

    Hi and welcome ot the Forum :D
  14. So the latest update: My wife is getting the 1.25 Titanium version in Hot Magenta in a week or two as we are just waiting for the details to be ironed out. And, I am getting the black 1.6 Zetec S version a little after that as I continue to look to sell my present car. So moving forward nicely :)