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  1. Hello. I had the engine management light on my display. So I was advised to change coil pack & plugs. Have done this twice now - each time I change them it does solve the problem. But only for about 3 months a time! The light has come back on an this time the engine miss fires as I can hear it in my exhaust an judders when I put my foot down. I have done that self diagnostic an it comes with the code d900. Has anybody got any recommendations on what the real problem is or how I can sort it Car is a focus mk2 2005 1.6 zetec Thanks Johnny!
  2. hey there, iam looking into a way of improving my performance of my car its a 1.6 mk 2 focus. im not looking for pointless chavvy' performance unless it actuallly works (exhaust, induction) an anyways of improving fuel eco if !Removed! possible to improve both performance an eco?! thanks John
  3. Hey. I recently replaced me k&n panel filter for an induction kit. As it sounds louder :P. But I seem to have a slight problem... The engine sometimes laggs an jolts when I pit my foot down. Any way to resolve this ? Or jus scrap the idea an go back to panel filter. Car is focus mk2 1.6 Thanks johnny x
  4. hey there, i got new warning light jus popped up on my mk 2 focus, the engine malfunction light has come up, what do i do?! is it still safe to drive....? Thanks
  5. Tightening Handbrake

    hi all, Is there anyway of tightening the handbrake?, only temporarily until I next get my car serviced, its a ford focus 2005 mk 2 3door. any help appreciated, thanks John
  6. hi all, basically when I turn on the heated front screen on, it only heats one side of the screen...the passenger side, exactly half way, just wondering if its the screen that is broken or it is a common problem which I can easily overcome? any help appreciated, thanks Johnny
  7. Blank Buttons ??

    popped out 2 of the 2 blank buttons at the bottom by the heated screen buttons, an they both had 2 wired up connectors. anyone got an idea on what them connector things could be for?? thanks
  8. Time For Cambelt Change?

    okay thanks for you help
  9. Time For Cambelt Change?

    hey, does anyone know what sort of mileage the cambelt needs changing on a focus 1.6 mk2 petrol? currently on 61k miles, should it of been changed at 60k? rough sort of price from a dealer.. or a cheaper priate garage? thanks
  10. hey im looking for a fascia plate for my focus. its a 1 din one an i want it too blend in with the silver dash, i have looked around an cant find one. the install of the cd player preferably at the top of the fascia plate. anyone intrested in buying the cd player shown, as i have a new one Sony MEX-BT4700U CD MP3 USB iPod Bluetooth Car Stereo pretty much brand new with all the packaging an box £135 any help appreciated... thanks!
  11. Straight Bulb Swap ? Halogen To Xenon???

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280477684820&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_1506wt_930 what you reckon with these, or are these jus cheap an nasty? shall i go for the philip bluevisions like matey boy said? or osram night breakers or whaaaaaa, i want that real xenon look :P
  12. Straight Bulb Swap ? Halogen To Xenon???

    thanks for all the advice guys :)
  13. hey there jus wondering if you can do a straight swap with the bulbs? currently got halogen bulbs - H7 55w dipped beam, H1 55w main beam an H8 35w fog lights, can i swap them directly with the same spec bulbs jus xenon ones ?? or will i have to get one of these HID (high intensity discharge) conversion kits?? any help would be appreciated thanks
  14. 12V Cigarette Socket Broken?

    iam so dumb.. never thought to check the fuse!.. working again now... thanks.