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    ford focus 1.6 zetec
  1. fontaine

    MPG What do you guys get

    hi guy im the focus guy i get about 50 miles to the gallon its a 1.6 mk1 and its a very frugal car
  2. fontaine

    handbrake cable

    hi i have a mk1 focus estate yesterday i pulled up the handbrake on parking and i felt it let go the two cables to each back wheel are ok it is the short cable connewcting the two c onnected to the handbrake does anyone know how much the cable costs and is it a complicated job to replace as ive never done it before any help appreciatted
  3. fontaine

    Focus engine questions

    i totally agree with you the combination of fuel economy , acceleration speeed ,handling and easy to drive makes the focus good value for money the car is really east to drive and a very instinctive car to drive very well reccomended parts are reasonable too
  4. fontaine

    Focus engine questions

    hi i have a 99 mk1 estate and when i first drove it i was impressed with the acceleration i think the gear ratio nis diffrent to your escort and this accounts for the fast acceleration i think this would account for thesluggishness you experience although i dont experience on my car i can only think that on the focus you drove the clutch might have had some slip in it
  5. fontaine


    hi my 99 focus idles ok in the daytime butb when i am driving at night and i have my lights on the car idles slightly rougher but is ok with just the side lights on is tiis because there is more load on the engine with the lights fuly on
  6. fontaine

    cd player

    hi does anyone know where to get a cd player for 1999 focus cheap the proper unit
  7. fontaine

    breather pipes

    hi does anyone know where the breather tubes or vacumn pipes are on my 1.6 1999 focus a diagram or photo would be use ful
  8. fontaine


    hi john the bad contact was onthe battery i took off the battery cover and noticed that the connections on the battery had some corrossio on the termonals i cleaned these off with a wire brush, both battery terminals and the wies to the terminals and reconnected and coated the terminals in petroleum jelly works fine now some say the needle sweep on startup is due to a knackered battery, but in my case it was simply a matter of cleaning it up to factory standard
  9. fontaine


    cheers mate your diagnosis with the light problem was spot on problem now fixed also the dial and idling problem was due to a bad earth contact thanks again
  10. fontaine


    hi ive just bought a focus estate 1999 i am happy with it but have a few small problems whilst braking the brake lights come on ok but the front lights also come on, but then the front lights go off when i take my foot off the pedal this is while driving in the day obviously makes no difference at night, also when this happens in the day the instrument back lighting also comes on whilst pressing brake pedal does anyone know what causes this also when i switch engine on the needless on instrument cluster do a full sweep and then return to normal also when engine i s cold it idles fast because of the auto choke but when car is at operating temperature it idles when you are statinary at about 750 rpm but is not smooth at idling but is fine when you accelerate any ideas? th i like the car and was astonished when i first drove it at the acceleration for a 1.6 does anyone know where to get a cheap ford cd player for my focus