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  1. Thanks. Only asking for ideas as my working hours don't match his at all and it's difficult to sort out, so thought any easy fixes I could try myself. Had to take a couple of days off work to get it to his dealership 😕 Thanks for the input, if it's not chucking it down again tomorrow will have a look at fuse.
  2. Anyhow. Its going back Tuesday as he will have more time to have a good look at things.. Where will fuse be for these, as I can't see them in book... If I can locate them, it's an easy check and saves having to go back...
  3. He's been a mechanic for years..... He was likely led by the Ford software when the fault occurred pointing squarely to the temp sensor. I know as I saw the diagnostics being done. The fault was different at that point, it was saying temp sensor faulty. Now it's saying temp too low so maybe 2 faults present. It was him who suggested vaporizer, as this was the only thing that would cause temp not to get high enough. Took ages to clear faults as the Ford software wouldn't do it.
  4. Not sure of the error code but us was temp to low for regeneration. As far as my brother in law has said, there is a form of injector into the exhaust to inject fuel to raise temperature to the level needed to regeneration. Maybe this is blocked. I do know when it's doing a regen on its own the engine fan Comes on, and ibstant fuel consumption goes up from 0.1 to 0.5. As soon as engine fan stops consumption goes back down... Does this make sense???
  5. Also with regards to the pipe, did you mean the fuel supply hose to the vaporiser. I am wondering if its the fuel injector into the exhaust that raises the temp to do a regen. It's not an adblue system, I think it just injects fuel into the exhaust to burn and raise the temp. Its a 2011 2.0 tdci 140hp engine.
  6. OK... EML came on do took it to ford today, as they ordered the part for me.... BIL fitted it, but it still refused to regen, and it took ages to manage to clear the faults with the ids. We managed it eventually by resetting the temps on the sensors etc via ids. It started a static regen but halfway through, engine malfunction came back on and the regen failed although the soot content had gone down from 125% to 25%. Error was exhaust temp to low to compete regeneration. New temp sensor on and no other codes flagged up. Any ideas.....
  7. They are being a bit funny as they know I'm going to get it elsewhere. Will check the pipe
  8. My 2011 cmax came up with the fault Engine Malfunction needs service. My brother in law works for the local ford dealer, and put it on the reader. It came up with a DPF issue namely the bank1 upstream DPF temperature sensor had failed. He tried to do a forced regeneration but it failed halfway through. The DPF is around 60% full. Ford want 146+ vat for the sensor, so trying to find one elsewhere, but it's difficult as I haven't got a finis code. Does anyone know what the finis code is. I presume it's just an exhaust temp sensor. There are slot around online, but struggling to identify the correct one.
  9. Well the garage I took it to reckoned the sensors I thought it was were fuel connections..... And said the sensor was under the hp pump. They would need to remove air filter housing, scuttle and boost control solenoid to replace. Does this sound right??????
  10. Light came back on in a matter of mins unfortunately. I have found the fuel pump, but which of these do you think is the right sensor. From the photo previously posted, and looking at the orientation, I would presume the lower one of the 2!!
  11. Why is that mate.. If these are going to go, don't they just fail, unless you think it may be a dodgy wiring issue??
  12. Thanks again. Found one online reasonably priced Think its the right one
  13. Excellent, glad its not in the tank. Don't suppose you have the finis code for the part? Do you have any pictures
  14. Cmax 2.0tdci 2011. Does anyone know where the fuel temp sensor is. The eml light has cone on, and codes flagged up Fuel temp circuit a intermittant, and fuel temp circuit b intermittant. I cleared the codes hoping it was a glitch, but they came back. Car appears to be running fine. Thanks