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  1. Fiesta Mk7 Tdcii Bluefin From Superchips

    Ahhh no, misunderstanding... The car is new to me, but it's a 2009... It's got 16,000 miles on it already :)
  2. Fiesta Mk7 Tdcii Bluefin From Superchips

    Im pretty sure there is a difference, I guess the problem is I'd only had the car a week before fitting the box... I didn't have a chance to get used to it before the boost! Maybe I need to turn it off for a while to compare :)
  3. Fiesta Mk7 Tdcii Bluefin From Superchips

    Phew... Found it now, got it plugged in ;) Hard to tell whether it's giving me more power or economy yet, it took so long to get it in I only had time for a short ride to make sure nothing blew up, but initial signs are good. My only worry now is where to put the box, anybody got any good ideas? All suggestions gratefully received! :D P.S. Thanks to Ben for the guide, I'm not sure I would have had the guts to strip out half my engine bay without knowing what I was looking for!
  4. Fiesta Mk7 Tdcii Bluefin From Superchips

    Standing at the front bumper and looking at the engine, the four injectors can be seen along the top with a plastic guide holding the wiring connecting them all together. On the left hand side of this wiring, part of the loom loops down the back of the engine and plugs in underneath and slightly to the left of the number one injector. You need to be a bit double jointed to get to it, but the plug and socket is exactly the same as the one on my new box loom. Anyway, I got it plugged and connected up, but the engine wouldn't start at all and the enigine malfunction warning came up. Disconnected the box and everything ran fine. Tried again, same result. In each case, the engine malfunction warning would stay until I'd started the engine a couple of times after removing the box, then it would go back to normal. Scratching my head, I went to the internet and found this thread, and eveyone talking about a red plug on the bottom right of the engine... It seems this is exactly opposite the plug I found lol
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    Pictures of stuff I get up to when I'm not working or talking about my Fiesta!
  6. Fiesta Mk7 Tdcii Bluefin From Superchips

    Hi, This is my first post here, I've just bought a 09 mk7 Fiesta and am loving it so far! Thing is, I've bought a tuning box to experiment with, but I think I plugged it into the wrong socket... I know this is an old thread, but someone mentioned a guide? A guide would be very helpful to me right now, as the socket you all seem to be talking about isn't the one I've found... Any help would be appreciated! Did anyone try the 'remove the near side wheel' method? Thanks in advance for any advice :D