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  1. Tdci 1.6 Warning Chime

    I no longer have my Fiesta but I had a 1.6 tdci and had that exact same issue, happened 3 times in close succession, no reason at all no pattern and then never done it again in the 6 months I had it, Checked for fault codes no issues. Sorry that is no help just felt the need to say as when I asked nobody had heard of it before, Ford done the usual thing of offering a fault code read for £80 or whatever it is.
  2. Time To Say Goodbye

    So After 8 years of driving Fiesta's the time has come to move up, just ordered a Volvo XC60. The Volvo Forums are no where near as active as this one and I wanted to take this chance to thank everyone who over the years has been really very helpful, I will always love Ford as my first car, fine the dealer service is a shambles but I do not expect much more from Volvo to be honest. The only last thing now is to try and sell my fiesta, my local dealer offered less than Volvo which I though was rubbish I am considering we buy any car or similar, I would like to sell privately but cannot be doing with the hassle of it to be honest.
  3. Hi all The last few months I have noticed mpg dropping for example on a trip to London where before I got 70mpg I only got around 60, also on my normal commuting just filled up and have an actual usage of 49.5mpg, in 4 years I have never seen it drop below 50 including when much colder than this. It was serviced in September and has only done 2.5k miles since, has anyone else ever had such a radical drop, no relevant codes on forscan.
  4. Upgrading 2010 Sony Head Unit To Dab

    Thanks StumpyBloke, I thought that may be the case, shame. winemart, I have DAB in the Beetle and really like it, fine the signal is a bit poor at times but I prefer the selection. Matt, I think you are right analogue will be switched off and fine not immediate future but 10 years ago people would have said the same about tv that freeview had poor coverage and lack of content then it got better, fine DAB+ will superseed it but still the principal is right.
  5. Hi, I know this has been discussed many times but because the word DAB is short no search seems to turn up what I want to know. I have a 2010 Sony HU in my titanium, it was one of the first of the line on the MY that included the Sony stereo, if I want to upgrade the unit to DAB what is involved, I know that there are 3 separate components, the buttons, the main unit and the screen, I have the dot matrix but white/ blue display, is it possible to upgrade that at the same time to the colour version or is that only for Sync? Thanks all, Anthony
  6. Fiesta 1.6 Tdci Rear Fog Light(S)

    my 60 plate has a single fog light on the drivers side, the left side is a reflector, the fiesta mk7 reversing light(s) are in the main light cluster.
  7. Climate Control Question

    I did suspect that but like I say the fan never seems to output any more than the lowest level even if the temp is say 12 and I set it to 25, the consequence for example is the car steams up, it never used to be a problem only recently.
  8. Climate Control Question

    Hi, Yeh this is what it used to do but recently the fan seems to be never on more than the lowest (no lines are displayed on the small LCD for climate control).
  9. Climate Control Question

    Hi All, Wondered if anyone had come across this before, My EATC on auto mode does not set the fan to any speed regardless of the temperature, sometimes the Hi and Lo will cause it to go to max but not always. There was a fault code on the system B10EA 0x90EA Positive temperature coefficient heater Not sure if it is connected but it was doing it once or twice before but now seems to constantly do it, have forscan and could not see a huge amount on it that looks wrong but I am no expert. Has anyone else heard of this issue and if so any suggestions on what is wrong, Thanks
  10. Recall On Tdci Fiesta

    Hi, Just wanted to let you guys know had a letter from ford today that my car has been recalled for a Glow Plug controller or something not being water proof and that it is powered constantly so there is a risk of fire. Cannot find any reference but if you have a 2010 95ps TDCI you may have a letter soon. Anthony
  11. In Love With My 82Ps Courtesy!!!

    I did not mean to sound rude, just a general point really, I had a base model 82ps as a courtesy car and it still was not a bad car, reminded me of my first mk4 1.25 fiesta, could also be worse have a skoda citigo at the mo as the beetle is in the bodyshop, now that is a bad car, the engine 60 something ps is scary and feels damn dangerous makes the fiesta base look like a mercedes.
  12. In Love With My 82Ps Courtesy!!!

    Am I the only person here who treats courtesy cars with respect, I know it must be a downgrade going from your ST but lets me reasonable, that car will be sold to a customer at some point in the future and having you and whoever else ragged it and treated it like general cr*p is not great, I treat a courtesy car how I would expect someone to have treated a used car before me.
  13. Diagnostic Software

  14. Diagnostic Software

    Try forscan.
  15. Hi all, Wondered if anybody had come across this strange one that has happened twice in a week. 2010 tdci titanium Start car as normal and a single chime, the same one to warn of low temperature, there is no lights and. I messages on the screen, checked with obd but no codes. Thanks