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  1. Fuel Consumption Problem

    Sorry forgot to say, my father is only doing local driving, and maybe motorway driveing once a month.
  2. Fuel Consumption Problem

    Thanks for replying. The forumla (lol) I used is. total numbers of litres used divided by 4.54 (litres per gallon) and the divided the total number of miles done on a full thank by this number. Here are the resutls for 3 attmepts. Tank 1: Litres: 47.54 Gallons: 10.47 @ 4.54 Miles before: 6171 Miles after: 6370 Total: 199 MPG: 19 Tank 2: Litres 48.32 Gallons: 10.64 Miles before: 6370 Miles After: 6603 Total: 233 MPG: 22 Miles driven divided by gallons used Tank 3: Litres: 50 Gallons: 11 Miles before: 6603 Miles after: 6812 Total: 209 MPG: 19
  3. Fuel Consumption Problem

    Hello, how are you? A new member, I need some help with me dads focus. My father has got a 2009 1.6 auto focus zeetec. Its only done around 7000. It is way to heavy on petrol. The ford delaers just keeps saying there is nothing worng with it. The vehicle only gives 19MPG and around 200miles ona full tank. Its going in again to delaer tomorrow to see what they say, Anybody else had any prolems like this?