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  1. Few Quick Questions

    right well i have managed to get the parking lights to work, tried to program the key but when i do the ignition on/off thing i get no sound so i assume i dont have the sensor fitted. aint had a chance to look at the fog lights yet though.
  2. What Do You All Think

    looks nice, think a set of twins on each side would of filled the gaps better, but still nice.
  3. Emissions

    emmisions should be fine, never known a car fail due to an aftermarket backbox. a full system would still probably be no where near getting close to the emmision limit, so aslong as everything else is ok with the car then it shouldnt be a problem at all.
  4. Cheap Exhaust

    i would go to your local kwik fit or powerflow and explain what you want, they will then show you the tailpipes and you pick which one you want and get it fitted, alot easier and not that expensive.
  5. to be honest, most of the time its not worth the money, it costs you more to get the 1.6 up to the same spec as a 1.8/2.0 than just buying one in the first place. unless you want to go crazy and fit a turbo or supercharger to it then the gains you get per pound isnt justifiable. having said that, i have only had experience with vauxhalls up until now, so whether ford had restricted their engines from factory and the power can easily be released with a few part changes i cant say, but i would doubt it.
  6. St Stripe Kit

    ours is a 1999 CL so very basic spec. there are loads of splitters/skirts around just a case of picking one that you like the look of. fitting is pretty easy too, normally just some bonding paste and lining it up. if the front is done then normally its best to do the sides and rear aswell so it has the same kind of drop all round, its just the person that had the car before us has only done the front, it has standard side skirts on it and it kind of blends in, would be nice to get the black color coded, which we might do when we get the rust spots resprayed.
  7. St Stripe Kit

    we only bought ours on sat, it already had a front bumper skirt added, frosted front lights, smoked side reapeaters, and what look like black lexus rear lights i think (just dont look as chavy as corsa lexus lights) and 16" mondeo alloys. doesnt look over the top, just subtle changes that make it look a little bit different. but i would go for a nice front and rear skirt and some lights that suit your color and then look at alloys that would then match up with the overall car.
  8. St Stripe Kit

    personally i wouldnt bother, if its not an ST why try to make it look like one? there are other subtle modifications you could do to make it look a little bit different without looking gash. in my opinion ST stripes on an ST only.
  9. Service Time

    halfords? in cornwall we have a place called mill auto and another one called kevin coopers, not sure if they are nationwide though, there will be plenty of places that sell them though. failing that a ford dealer will be able to order them in.
  10. Few Quick Questions

    cheers, will look into getting that done once we have sorted out the priority jobs :) being a TDDi i need to get springs/shocks off a TDDi Zetec dont i due the engine weight?
  11. Service Time

    from my experience in other cars and from what i have read before, its not generally worth buying a K&N filter as there is very little to be gained for the money, best sticking with factory stuff, someone might correct me though.
  12. Few Quick Questions

    ok thanks, my farther inlaw has an LX mk1 so will see if his works in there. overall very happy with the car, seems very economical :) just as always with a car of its age there are a few niggly problems. will consider the zetec springs though, are the shocks the same?
  13. Few Quick Questions

    ok thanks, rear doesnt come on so maybe a bulb, dont know the fuse layout as i havent really had chance to do anything on it, are the fogs on a seperate fuse to the lights?
  14. Few Quick Questions

    so should the rear foglight work on the CL and the fronts have the wiring, or are none of the fogs wired up on a CL? confusing myself now :(
  15. Few Quick Questions

    all the lights work normally, apart from the parking lights, the rear fog light, cant seem to find a switch for the front fogs so assume the bumper has been changed to one with them and no wiring was done.