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  1. Please Help!!!! I Need My Engine Code

    Thank you very much Dave, I will have a look when I get home in a bit and I'll let you know my findings!! :) x
  2. Please Help!!!! I Need My Engine Code

    Thanks, I need to have a look again tonight when I get back. Hopefully I find them. Well my boyfriends mate is a mechanic and he is trying to find a cheap engine at the scrap yard and if we find it he'll do it for near nothing so hopefully it will be worth it.
  3. Please Help!!!! I Need My Engine Code

    Ok, well I have found the sticker with the barcode that Jamie was talking about and it has YS6G on it at the top, now the YS6 appears on most of the parts too, so is this engine code? apart from that I have found STK on a metal plate (not the Vin plate) and also TUER can you make any sense of that?
  4. Please Help!!!! I Need My Engine Code

    Thanks Dave, I can't seem to find DHC or DHF on the engine block though.
  5. Please Help!!!! I Need My Engine Code

    Brilliant! Thank you Jamie, you've been a great help! :) x
  6. Please Help!!!! I Need My Engine Code

    I've checked there and unfortunately it's not on the v5. I did have a look lastnight at the engine and as i looked at it, on the left side, there was a sticker on it with quite a few numbers on it, do you think it's one of them? Thanks x
  7. Please Help!!!! I Need My Engine Code

    Yes that is exactly what I need - the code referring to the version on engine! thank you so much, I guess I just have to find it now!
  8. Please Help!!!! I Need My Engine Code

    thanks, I have the VIN plate but apparently I need to find the engine code on the engine....
  9. Hello I am a bit naive when it comes to cars and need some help... I need a new engine for my Ford fiesta freestyle 1.25 2001. It says its an zetec engine and my boyfriend is trying to get a new engine for it and he has been told he needs a 3 digit engine code that should be on my engine.. but there are a few places in the engine with lots of numbers and digits but I haven't a clue where to find it? Please if someone could help I'd be very grateful.