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  1. New Tesla Q. Looks remarkably similar to a MK8 with no grilles. If someone said it was a MK9 EV I would believe them.
  2. Does it matter if its the Mk8 or Mk15? The only people that actually care are enthusiasts and we'll all know. The MK9 will offer a full EV and it'll be called the Fi-EVsta. 👀
  3. Sadly no point. You'd be better of fitting an exhaust for some placebo performance and better sound.
  4. That's an ST Line. The ST has the honeycomb grill. Looking further into it, the ST doesn't have this radar.
  5. Didn't want to start a new thread so revived this one. Where is the square located on the ST model as I've bought a lower ST grill for my ST Line?
  6. Having seen both 'standard' and ST line parked next to each other they do look different.
  7. I'm thinking about changing the front grilles on my ST line for the ST ones. Only problem I see is the ST badge mould which would look a little odd. I really prefer the grey though as it would match the alloys and both grilles would also match. The badge is my concern but a grey overlay could make it blend withe grill.
  8. They are the same as the cup holder illumination.
  9. Michelin Cross Climates are perfect for UK roads especially in winter.
  10. I think it has to be registered on the Ford computer. Not 100% sure though.
  11. Possible alternative: https://www.printpeelstick.co.uk/products/b-o-speaker-gel-badge-set-set-of-3-15mm
  12. I had this on my old car and it was a torn speaker cone that was allowing water in through the door. The tear was only 10mm but it was enough. Certainly worth a look.
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