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  1. Real world mpg

    Hello Take little notice of the 'hype'. The best way is - adjust your dash-board display to show current mpg; and then adjust your right foot on the loud-pedal accordingly. My overall average for my ageing 1.6 petrol cmax is a true- honest 40mpg. Sometimes a little less, but mostly a lot more. It all comes down to how you drive.
  2. Fusion Road Noise

    Does anyone know where I can obtain an - 'Under bonnet sound panel' for my Fusion?
  3. Ford Fusion Brake Light Help

    After the torx screws and the peg-in-the-socket, reach around inside the rear pillar, about 6cm or so up from the bottom of the light unit - there is a hole for access. You will then detect a plastic wing-nut. Unscrew this and the lamp will come out. Press the multi connector release clip, then carefully ease the clips which hold the bulb assembly to the rear of the lamp. The bulbs are then accessed in the normal way.