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  1. New Shocks - Raise The Ride Height.

    a mate of mine used transit van springs,didn't bother changing the struts,worked well!
  2. Hello

    hi gazjs,thanks for the welcome, i see your plans include window tinting,i've thought about that too,in two minds as do i tackle it myself or pay to have it done,do you know of any legal requirements as to 'how dark can you go'?
  3. hi stef123,of all the tools i own,a ball joint fork aint amongst them,got in about it today and found a length of 4"x2" between the control arm and the locating hole for the upper ball joint worked well , suppose after putting in a 73hour week driving a lorry tackling that job after coming home wasn't one of my best ideas,but after a decent nights kip,a bacon butty and a cup o' tea,bang job done,cheers though,gonna go out and get a fork soon :D .
  4. Hello

    nice move pal,i bought the wife a mondeo,had my work piece made every day since :D .
  5. Ian D - New Member

    hi ian,nice scottish name that,heh heh,can you tell where i'm from yet? :D , i drive an escort 55 van but my wife has a mondeo like yersel,went shopping at a weel known supermarket recently,got back to the car and some !Removed! had had it away with the hub caps , (note to self 'invest in cable ties'),dont become a statistic!
  6. Newbie

    you're a lucky man,she's class,sounds like a labour of love! worth the effort though.
  7. Hello

    hi, just joined, only on my 2nd ever ford, my first was a fiesta 1.1L,19yrs ago,many moons have passed and i'm now driving an escort 55 van,she's a 1999(t) 1.8d,don't know how i ever got by without her,my daughter absolutely loves it,she's only 5 but loves coming with daddy window down for somewhere to rest her elbow (looking cool),swapped a kawasaki 125 trail bike for it,think i got the better deal though,found parts ralatively cheap and abundant (thankfully)(don't you just love scrappies),had to replace sill(new),n/s hub(2nd hand)cheaper than a new bearing,rear shoes and cables(new),inner driveshaft boot has now burst,but hey the trail bike needed a complete rebuild and i couldn't have my daughter looking as cool on a bike she'd never forgive me for the helmet hair
  8. What Do You All Think

    makes the rear look well neat, me likey, should be built like that as standard, should send photo to design dept at halewood.
  9. hi,i have a escort 55 and i'm wanting to replace my inner drive shaft boot,i'll be using a universal rubber boot,but i'm having trouble getting the control arm ball joint to seperate from the hub,it'll drop out only around 1/4 inch then refuses to budge,tried using a crow bar but can't seem to find any purchase,time was getting on so re-assembled everything,thinking of applying to F1 as i'm becoming an expert in wheel removal and replacement any advice gratefully recieved.