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  1. Help Please

    i will try quick fit a friend took his there and they somehow sorted a fault without knowing it and didnt charge him lol result, p.s i think the heater control valve might be located under the scuttle panel under the wipers (might be wrong ) but i found a couple of bits that say its there
  2. Help Please

    thanks artscot realy appriciate the help m8 im gonna be down halfords 1st thing robbing some knowledge lol ,!Removed! cars doing my head in now and ive only had it 3 days now and the aircon dont work
  3. Help Please

    thanks m8 ill look into that ,any idea where on the car its located ill try to see if i can sort it out myself (im tight) lol
  4. Help Please

    well the heater direction control doesnt seem to have much effect ie if i set it to blow on the main front vents it will still blow !Removed! hot air at my legs and it will still blow warm air from the face (front vents) and yes the temp of the air does seem to change when it feels like it without me changing anything on the controls sorry forgot to add the temp will change when i turn it up to hot but when i turn it to cool it will cool down but its still to warm thanks for any help
  5. Help Please

    need a little help please ,just brought a 2005 focus titaniun 1.6 and ive just notice the heater blower blows warm air even when its set to cool anyone know what could cause this to happen.....thanks for any help guys/girls