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  1. Tddi 2001 Focus Rough Idle

    i have a 2001 tddi 90 ps with an anoying fault. starts first time every time(even with 260,000 on the clock) uses no oil/water does not smoke (no more than it should) the mot she was close to the smoke limit(egr sticking which has now been disconected) does not rattle/knock pulls very well all through the rev range cam belt changed abot 10,000 miles ago fuel filter done about 3,000 ago just when its warm and ticking over ,the revs are not stable,they can rise and fall maybe a couple of 100 rpm either way(not alot but you can notice it)also when the revs change you do get a bit of diesel knock,does not do it cold and does not do it all the time. there are no fault codes logged there are no fuel leaks etc........... could it be one of the temp senders for the ecu? apart from this small problem i cant fault the car thanks