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  1. Hi All, I am trying to find the torque specs and bolt-down procedure for the rocker-cover on my 2002 Ford Fusion 2, 1.4 Zetec SE (Duratec) engine. Can anyone help? Thanks, Mrrnoname
  2. looks nice mate! I think the exhaust looks fine. scary seeing a hammer that close to your new car? lol
  3. my focus titanium 1.8 does this "whistle" at exactly the same revs as you mention. the whistle is more noticable when the car is cold. it has always done this and ford say its totally normal, would not worry :)
  4. That seems a little harsh to me, everyone here is entitled to their own opinion. I understand what you are saying, and I personally completely agree with you on the matter of your car. I would be unhappy if my new car wasnt 100% perfect upon delivery, i dont think your standards are too high. However I feel that you have left it a little late to reject the car now. Best you probably could get would be ford realigning the bonnet for you. My advice would be to push ford to look at the bonnet to get it seated correctly and not let the paint issue spoil your new car for you. Funnily enough I only noticed yesterday that my Focus Titanium has a patch of matt black paint on the inside of the rear door bodywork, Ive enjoyed the car LOADS and do not intend to let it spoil the car for me :)
  5. just to reiterate what has already been said, the stall prevention system increases the revs. if you are stationary and clutch up then down quickly (but not far enough to stall) you can see the revs rise up for a second then drop to idle again. although it has occasionally saved me from stalling I wouldent say it was particularly useful :P just something else to go wrong :P
  6. from what you describe it probably is the crank sensor, however to rule out the glowplugs not heating enough, try turning the ignition on and waiting for the glowplug light to go out, then turn ignition off. then on again and wait for the light to go out 3 or 4 times. this is to give the plugs more time to heat up. if the car starts first time after this you know its something to do with them. if its exactly the same you can rule them out. my 1.8tdci will not start in this cold weather enless i let the plugs heat up and wait for the light to go out. so i guess they are integral to the starting :P i would check it as its easy to do. like said before though, does sound like the crank sensor playing up in the cold :)
  7. winding the windows up and down DOESNT clear the moisture on the outside of my 06 plate focus's windows either. or my mates. i think thats just the design
  8. Hi, I had this EXACT same problem on my mk4 fiesta, over revving when changing gear and revving itself down the road. but couldent re-produce the results when parked no matter how hard I tried!! (VERY ANNOYING) lol :P I scanned the car for codes and got "Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Out of Range". however you have to remember that this only tells you where the ECU detects the problem. not what is actually faulty. I discovered that by unplugging the battery (this is probs to give the same effect as what the mechanic said to you) for 20 mins the car would then run fine for 3 days, but after that the problem would return and the car would need to be reset again. I also discovered that by unplugging the tps the car would run rough but not over rev. Must be the TPS i thought? I replaced the TPS but this did nothing, the car would still over rev when clutching in and drive itself down the road. point of the story :P try changing the tps first as you can purchase one cheap as chips on ebay, but that might well not fix the problem. other things to consider are the wiring to the tps (if the pins are corroded it can affect the voltage and cause incorrect readings) or worst of all a faulty pcm (highly doubt that tho). others stuggested at the time that it could be the idle speed control valve or vehicle speed sensor. Unfortunately i never found a cure for the problem and after taking it to ford (who told me my car mat was getting caught OVER the pedal??!??!) and other garages (who couldent fix it) i ended up resetting the car every 3 days until it was written off (not my fault i might add :P) hope this helps
  9. the high mileage is definitly something to be concerned about, but thats why its £600 :P as previously said, next time you view, open the oil filler cap and check for white/creamy deposit around the filler hole and on the cap. this is a sign that the heads gone and water is leaking into the oil. the 1.3 endura engine is a pretty "dirty" engine and the head could well be gone at 100+k
  10. you would seriously notice it if you had a leak fast enough that you fill her up and by the time you check the dipstick its empty like perviously said, its probably that there is a good amount of oil in there (possibly too much) and you cant see it because its clear. let us know if the oil "comes back" lol
  11. you should always change the filter when changing the oil, if not you instantly contaminate your fresh oil that you just paid for! plus your under the car anyway to release the drain plug, might aswell spend the £6 and 30 mins getting the filter off :)
  12. are you saying there was oil on the dipstick, you added some more and now there is not? thats rather odd... if you have added oil there MUST be more in your engine then there was before, things which could make this happen.. 1. the car is very low on oil and you did not correctly check the dipstick before adding the extra oil (you need to pull the dipstick out, wipe all of the oil off, replace it, then pull it out again and read the oil level) if this was not done oil could creep up the dipstick and give you a false value when you first checked it. then you added new oil and its still so low that its not reading once the stick has been wiped. I personally think this is rather unlikely but when not wiping the stick before reading the value you can get some strange readings! 2. you checked the level, moved the car to a hill, added oil and rechecked? you must check it on level ground :P 3. you checked the level, added WAY too much and rechecked (in this case oil will be all up the dipstick and it may look like you havnt got a reading at all if your oil is good and clear. because you cant see a straight line where the oil level is). 1 litre does seem like a lot to add in one go without checking, when adding oil you should add a bit, check the level, add a bit more, check the level etc until you get it perfect.
  13. agreed, they are soo much harder to get off then you would think :P I came to the conclusion it was basically impossible lol
  14. Proabaly stale then anyway, stale diesel STINKS :P