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  1. Cooling Fan Problems

    Lol Mrs happy to speak to you. The service manager was an idiot too who just growled at you from start to finish. I don't know where to go to now. They have had my car for 11 days now while they test it. The problem is they drive it 25miles and expect the fault which happens once to twice a week to appear even though I'm travelling 500miles in a week. they are so incapable of doing anything. I think that if a cooling fan is coming on for this long then my car must be overheating therefore my worry is that there could be damage to the car unknown to me and could cause an accident or fire. But they assure me that there is no danger even though they don't know what wrong with it! I've been told they will only take the problem more serious when the car breaks down a few times which is no good for me as if my car breaks down and I'm on my way to work then there could be more problems than just my car as I work in the emergency services.
  2. Cooling Fan Problems

    How did you guess? I take it I'm not the only one with hassle from there then?!
  3. Cooling Fan Problems

    I've spoke to trading standards but because its an intermittent fault then there isn't much I can do apart from pay for an individual inspection which they claim will viod my warranty. The finance company are getting on at them however it is Arnold Clark so they aint for budging. Their branch manager has informed me that because my car hasn't broken down then all they are interested in doing is keep trying for a repair. Its not just that, the cooling fan and module where off of another ford focus they had in their showroom. I took a letter into the dealership to the branch manager and when I handed it to him with my keys and documents he handed them all back. Basically telling me to get the repairs done or suck it up. Qoute of the year from him was when I suggested that they drive the car for a few weeks even himself to see the fault his words where,"Why would I do that. I finish at 5.30 and then I'm done. I have a double glazing at home with a leak do you want to see if you can fix it!" what chance have I got! The thing that bothers me more is the fact the saleman who had the car before me puts his head down and walks awy sheepishly every time I arrive at the branch.
  4. Cooling Fan Problems

    I've got a 59 plate ford focus 1.6 tdci which i got in march. Ever since I got it a couple of times a week my cooling fan runs on for 20-30mins after the ignition has been turned off. My car has been in for repair 8 times and the fault keeps happening. The dealership say no fault can be found although they have replaced the cooling fan, cooling fan module, temperature sensor and cooling fan relay. Unfortunately it still happens. They say it's a fault however can't find it. Its in the dealership just now as they want to do more tests and consider whether or not to fit a new ECU to the car. I have asked for a replacement vehicle as I feel this fault has gone on long enough. This was rejected by the dealer. After speaking to the finance company involved with my car they advised me to reject the car. This was also knocked back by the dealership. I do alot of miles a week and feel that the fault could be serious.At the moment I have a courtesy car identical to mine which does not have this problem. I have also noticed that the courtesy car uses less fuel even though I am doing the same or more miles than usual. I'm not very technical with cars, I was just hoping I could get some advice what I could do next thanks