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  1. R.i.p Zetec S :(

    yerh it was in tetney - lincolnshire. just a few more pics of my fiesta from when i went to try find some personal belongings. Upsetting sight :(
  2. R.i.p Zetec S :(

    thankyou for all the concerns guys. fingers crossed the insurance sorts me out so i can start on a new project and have a new baby sat in the drive way :). it happened at 3 in the morning, pitch black. my iPhone screen went white when the water got to it, which enabled me to see my friend and see the smashed window.. i didnt know if i was swimming the right way, which way round the car was in the water.. just thinking about it.. what if the airbag knocked me out.. or the car was on its side. scary stuff!
  3. R.i.p Zetec S :(

    yerh were fine, few scratches and bumps. quite lucky to be honest haha more upset about my car, was my pride and joy
  4. R.i.p Zetec S :(

    Heya guys, just thought id share a few photos from the other night. To put a long story short.. i swerved for a fox, side impacted a power mast which flipped my car into the river. If the power mast did not smash the drivers side window on impact, me and my friend would of probably drowned. Was holding my breathe for a good 2 minutes, before i finally managed to unbuckle mine and my friends seat belt then swam out of the window. Happened early hours of the morning, safe to say I scared myself. Now time to salvage some bits!!
  5. Purchased A Few Mods!

    Hey All, just purchased: Miltek Cat-Back - £317 from moutune website, inc vat and delivery J1 Airfilter - £200 Bluefin Handheld Remap - £250 inv vat and delivery Total - £767 Eibach Springs Fitting at the weekend, ill post a video for you all. Not interested in the full moutune / pumaspeed package... far too expensive if you was to include the sport CAT just to pass an MOT.. done abit of research, one fella claims his Fiesta ZS mk7 hit 137.8bhp on rollers with the above upgrades, so ill let you all know how it goes. Also, been quoted £100 to get my roof vinyl wrapped gloss black, dya think i should get it done?
  6. A Few Mods

    I had the alloys professionally powdered coated, with the rest of the small mods, i prepped, primared, painted & laqored! :) using halfords standard products, the wing mirrors came out perfect and looked a treat once hardened and polished.
  7. A Few Mods

    didnt have the time to do it all this weekend fella's definatley on my ' TO DO ' list though haha :)
  8. A Few Mods

    yeh, ive just been on demon plates as we speak! get a pretty cool 3D design with a black border. and i might just nip down halfords tomorrow, cheers for the idea! :), ill post a video after i get the power upgrade
  9. Fiesta In Snow - Photos

    post having abit of handbrake heaven in a car park :D. ( pain in the !Removed! getting out, nearly got stuck! )
  10. A Few Mods

    well after its lowered and ive had the roof wrapped.. im just getting the 140 power upgrade & some small mods done like the moutune spoiler extenders and car mats etc.. also ive just ordered the 6000K HID kit, white LED side lights & number plate lights. i was thinking about just making the engine bay look abit nicer, abit of gloss black in some places.. and im in debate at the moment about fitting wind deflectors and the moutune front spoiler, other then that ill be happy my car. Maybe treat myself to the 155 power upgrade and a front brake upgrade further into the year, unless i decide to get the new ST :). if anyones got any good mod ideas, feel free to share!
  11. A Few Mods

    sorted now mate.
  12. A Few Mods

    Hello, just thought id share a few photos of some new modifications on my fiesta. hope you like them. - White / Black DMB Overlays - Gloss Black Wing Mirrors - Steering Wheel Trim Painted Gloss Black - Badge Grille Gloss Black - Air Vent Skirts Gloss Black - Removed Stripes - Puma Speed 141PS In April With Sports CAT & J1 Cold Air Filter - Booked In For Gloss Black Roof Wrap & Getting Apex Lowering Springs ( 35mm ) - March
  13. Finishing Touches.

    yer cheerz for that :), just seen on the mountune website some like.. spoiler add ons. they look awesome but at nearly 200 quid i think ill just powder my spoiler black.
  14. Finishing Touches.

    is anyone really bored and would like to do me a big favour haha. im wondering what the spoiler wud look like black.. obviously im useless at photoshop, and paint just doesnt cut it lol :)
  15. Finishing Touches.

    Just got my DMB gel overlays, its quite hard to line them up straight when your hungover but hey... anyways, thats my cosmetics done for a while. also im intresting in lowering my fiesta about 30mm. has anyone got any good info on what lowering springs to use etc? time to save up for the mountune upgrade hehe :)