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  1. New Key?

    i paid £150 to get a new key for mine just thought i would let you know so you know roughly what they charge
  2. :), in that photo the car doesn't have the coloured side skirts but i bought some a few weeks after getting it so now it does, i'm glad you can see why i want to colour code it :). I've been contacting scrapyards to see if they have got any focus ghias or ST170's in but had no luck so far, but i should find some eventually. i was also wondering do you think the main ford garage would supply these if i really cant find any? and the sun roof is awesome :P
  3. my focus is the moondust silver this is my car the day i bought it
  4. I've just spotted this on ebay this should be ok to use right as its the RS ones, they must be made out of the same plastic as the ST170 Door Handles and Door Trims
  5. thanks for all your advise after spending time reading each comment it kind of becomes easy to say that maybe it's just not ment to be, but as the last comment says about having the ST170 Strips, would these not flake, because i did think the type of plastic was different. the only problem is where am i going to be able to get these from. i've searched ebay up and down i would be able to get the handles off there, but no one seems to have the ST170 strips on there or Ghia ones. thanks again for all your advise
  6. I want to spray the door handles and the plastic trim that runs across the doors of the car and also the boot lid plastic trim the same colour of my car, i was wondering if anyone knew how hard/easy it is to remove them because i'm affraid i might damage the car by doing so, i think they are glued on so i thought with a heat gun could maybe get them off but then what would i use to remove the residue glue off of the car, if anyone can help me out here would be a big help as im planning on doing this quite soon thanks these are the trims im talking about
  7. Looking For Some St170 Alloys?

    ok will do thanks :)
  8. Looking For Some St170 Alloys?

    i've been looking at these as well, would you say this is a reasonable price for used ST170 alloys?
  9. I'm looking to purchase some ST170 Alloys for my mk1 focus, how much is the going rate for a set of these at the moment with tyres on, any information would be appreicated, and if anyone has some for sale then please let me know thanks
  10. Putting A Peformance Exhaust?

    thanks very much for your help :)
  11. Putting A Peformance Exhaust?

    thanks very much, so i would need to replace everything up to the manifold, or just the back box?
  12. Putting A Peformance Exhaust?

    i have got a Focus 1.8 zetec and i want the car to sound a little more sporty by putting a back box on the car,by doing this would it make it sound a little better or would i need to put a whole system and induction kit on the car? thanks
  13. Hi there im new to this site so thought i would post up some pics of my Ford focus, will be asking a few questions about the car as there are some things that i would like to have done to it, any help will be great thanks