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  1. Hi guys, we have a Ford Focus C-Max. The battery has gone critical and the immobilizer wont allow the car to start. Its an 06 model, and the battery is a Ford battery so guessing this is probably the original off the production line? What I need help with please is, the battery is on boost charge now, is there a procedure I have to go through to get the immobilizer to reset and work again. Reading online it says lock and unlock the car using the correct key (is that with the key itself or the fob) and then try to start the engine. Is that correct? The green flag guy said the battery was quite low when he checked, and i seem to remember something about the radio within the menu thanks
  2. Hey all! Hope ur all ok We bought an N reg ford escort, and when we got it, it had no radio. We have now got the CD6000 but the wires inside the hole where the radio goes have been cut and trimmed. I presume there was a different radio in there with the previous owner. My sisters boyfriend can wire the thing in again, but i cant seem to find the correct connectors anywhere to buy. Halford have so many so its hard to find what is what. The date on the radio is 2004, and i have the right keycode anyway. just need the connectors sorting. Thanks for your help.