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  1. Photo Competition - Week 2

    Any word of this coming soon?
  2. Ok, just thought i'd start a new thread about addicting games, where it be facebook etc. Ive been exposed to farm ville frontier ville and recently car town. So whats yours and why?
  3. Hello, Im Captain

    Thank you all. Anyone in ireland or gb?
  4. Photo Competition - Week 2

    I would be interested in that?
  5. Car Insurance

    Cant complain. AXA charged me 700 for the year fully comp everything protected !
  6. Car Insurance

    Tis life im afraid steal from the rich give to the poor. its a robin hood theoryy
  7. Photo Competition - Week 2

    I took this at a heavy metal concert on a 3 megapixel camera
  8. Car Insurance

    Insurance websites are !Removed! the price comes down to a large list of things if car crime is high in your area there are a lot of drink drivers/joy riders/other car related crimes if someone is killed in area as a result of a car, that will increase your insurance And were you leave your car at night time will affect your insurance. These online insurance groups are compete cods wollop and tbh useless! if you have your car parked outside,anything can happen if its in a secure locked compound at night, you can see how this changes things. Other things that will cost you more are; type of car ( i know, but cars that young people go for typically have higher insurance e.g. a stupidly modified Saxo deathtrap Cars with anything that brings more attention e.g. alloys, stickers, and other decals everyone knows age will affect you as well
  9. Definitely sounds like a disc/pads problem. could be worth a check too to see if you handbrake is fully working. had a similar fault in the family years ago. even tho the handbrake was down, the discs were still tight
  10. Tyres

    Well i got my bridge stone because it was £118 for two fitted. Done about 800 miles and no sign of any wear yet. I chose them because they were a good brand with a good safety rating. Non of this Japanese ditch finder scrap for me!! Not too sure on the exact measurements, but it a 15 inch wheel
  11. Very First Ford Fiesta

    Why would someone not allow you to take a picture of their car? Thats ridiculous! Mind you, i asked a man one day could i take a picture of his capri, and he told me where i could go!
  12. Hello, Im Captain

    Yes hello everyone, yes it tis the 1.25. Not too thirsty though, still more than i expected!
  13. Hello, Im Captain

    87 apparently! Were in the car whenever i got it, no receipt and doesnt say in the book they come as standard so :S
  14. Hello, Im Captain

    Hello, New to the site so give me a while to get used to it! Driving a Silver 1.2 Fiesta finesse. No modifications as of yet, just tints and alloys. Still only learning about cars so give me a break and please allow for dopey questions. Im 18 years old and currently living in Northern Ireland.