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  1. Best Colour Fiesta?

    White! Although I also like the ST in blue.
  2. My car's been sat on the drive for about 2 weeks. Treated it to a wash the other day though! How often does aircon need to be regassed? I take it it depends how much you use it? Mine's a year old but I've only used it a couple of times (including a 5 hour drive across the country on what was the hottest day of the year so far).
  3. Mudflaps

    Yeah I prefer the black. I'm thinking of getting a new ST in spirit blue as my next car. Maybe white would look better on one of those. It might just be that a white car with white flaps is just a bit too much... well, white.
  4. 51.6mpg?! How you manage that? I only manage 42 with my Zetec S on an economy run!
  5. Ford Fiesta Mk 7.5 Zetec / St Grille?

    Don't know about the parts numbers but looking at pictures online I can't see any honeycomb grilles that have chrome surrounds. The Zetec S and ST both seem to have the same grille, with the others having the chrome bars. It's probably the £60 one but they should both fit.
  6. I've seen the overboost figures in bhp quoted on UK sites (I think it's 197bhp).
  7. I wouldn't have gotten anything like folding mirrors anyway. I quite like the sound of the heated leather seats in the ST-2 though. Really considering an ST once I've had my Zetec-S for a year on options and can get something else.
  8. Car Insurance Loonesy

    I prefer small(ish) cars myself. I rarely have people in the back or much stuff in the boot so a 5-door S3 would be plenty big enough for me.
  9. Car Insurance Loonesy

    I've wanted an Audi S3 for ages but it'd be too expensive for me on insurance as I'm 22. That and they're real thief magnets.
  10. New Fiesta Questions

    My radio comes off and on with the ignition (unless you turn the radio off while the engine's running, then it stays off) on my 2012 Fiesta. I'll have a look in the menu next time I used it to see if there's an option for it. It sounds like something that'd annoy me so I don't see why they'd deliberately change it in the new ones. As for the lights I'd assume those are daytime running lights. Mine doesn't have those though because it's a pre-facelift so I can't really help there.
  11. Car Insurance Loonesy

    Agreed. I've driven Vauxhalls in work and don't like the Corsas at all. Not driven a VXR but it does just look cheap and chavvy to me. Then again, lots of people do like them and if it's so much cheaper then you might just have to. Unless there's not an alternative?
  12. Stone Chip On Windscreen

    Same thing happened to me but after doing some research it seems they can't repair chips that small. Apparently the resin can't fill smaller chips or something. In the end I just left mine.
  13. Fiesta St (Concept) Announced!

    "transformed the cute ... fiesta" Why would you want a cute looking ST? Clearly yahoo don't know what they're on about. I'll reserve judgement on the actual car until I see it in the flesh.
  14. Filters?

    A K&N panel filter will almost always be better. Small increase in power, better sound, and you can wash them so they never need replacing.
  15. New Induction Kit Mk7

    Congratulations on an extremely productive post.