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  1. Fiesta Mk6.5 Retrofitting

    Yes i have found away to do it, car needs a bluetooth module, wiring loom and microphone costs about £350 to do so i haven't got the bits yet
  2. Don't Buy A Fiesta!

    Can't say that i have ever had a problem with wheels, i have had two fiestas in a row and no problem. if i had to pick a fault with them i could say that they scuff easily but i have him some serious holes living in the country and hanve'nt cracked buckled any. the suspension is sturdy too after 1 year running around hitting pot holes i only found that my toe was out .03 degrees each side. Matt
  3. Also where did you get the black/red ford badges are they standard for your model, part numbers?
  4. Hi, Quick question for you, i like the idea of this can you tell and maybe show me some way will this work for a for fiesta mk6 facelift? Matt
  5. Fiesta Mk6 Styling

    Okay, so i have accepted the fact that my little 1.2 will never be a quick machine however, what can i do to make it look sporty, stylish and sound great. Ok so i need a little help from you all. What can i do to make the car look the part i need small styling details, side lights, extra leds, extra speakers anything you can think off write it down so i can look in to it. i want the black ford badges for the steering wheel and boot anyone know where i can buy. If you have a ford fiesta MK 6/6.5 please send me some photos of the exterior and interior if you have interesting modification on it. The car: Ford Fiesta MK6.5 1.25 3dr zetec climate All help will be muchly appreciated Matt
  6. Cheap Car Insurance?

    Quinn Direct are cheap, but there not great, they are not based in this country they are irish. When i called them out because i had broken down they tried claiming it as a car accident and that i would have to put in a claim if they were to call people out to help. also the price of my premium almost double in the second year. in my opinion i would'nt trust them, assuming this is you first year driving then i think £1800 would be a reasonable quote mate
  7. Fiesta Mk6.5 Retrofitting

    Hi Recently bought a Ford Fiesta mk6.5 57 plate, it does have the technology pack installed but not the bluetooth phone kit, i have the head unit with the phone logo on one of the buttons is there any way u can retro fit the ford bluetooth phone kit?
  8. Hi I have just bought i Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec mk6.5, I have upgraded the air filter to a K&N panel which didnt do anything really, i am after some advice on getting just slight bits of extra power, im not after new cams or flywheels etc just easy mods like a chip. Any body got any advice?