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  1. Help Needed Mk7 Miles

    Ive not long bought a 56 plate transit connect ex royal mail on 101k and its pretty solid, had to do starter motor and the clutch has just gone but the engine itself is bang on. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  2. Drove A Mk7

    I did all my manoueveres in it the other day and I would actually say it's easier because the steering is alot lighter I can focus more on looking around etc than turning the wheel. Heff
  3. Private Plates

    I've seen some for like £50,000 and mental figures like that its crazy. The one I'm looking at it is only £250 so I am very tempted! Heff
  4. What's your view on private plates? Do you like them? I love them I think their great and there is two avaliable that I am seriously considering getting! Do you reckon they are worth the money? I defintely think they are because then they are your's for life (? I think?) Heff
  5. Just make sure it's not under the wheelarches ;) See this in alot of American films :D Heff
  6. Drove A Mk7

    My driving instructor changed his car (5 days before my test!) he's changed from a Mk 6.5 1.4 petrol zetec to a Mk 7 1.4 diesel zetec and I must say they are so easy to drive! The steering fantastic on them, the brakes are too good! I kept braking too much by accident and they are nippy! I so wish I was getting a Mk7 instead of a Mk 6.5 :( Heff
  7. Update Of My Zetec S (Pics)

    Beautiful Car mate absoulutely stunning! Top marks! Heff
  8. Fiesta Vs Lamborghini

    What was this one? And which Fiesta was it? Heff
  9. Hello From an Old Ford guy with a New Toy

    That is one gorgeous car what does the badge read? Heff
  10. Hi so me and my mate were walking down the road the other day and we seen a RS transit van and was wondering if it was a badge or if you can get a RS transit? Heff
  11. O/t - New Focus St

    How comes this in the fiesta part? And I have got to say I love it haha I think its quality :D Has a bit of a fiesta look to it or is that just me? Heff
  12. Help With Prices !

    I would go with yes :D I reckon it would be something to do with each dealership charges their own price and therefore they don't want to give customers a misrepresentation Heff
  13. Oh deary me I feel so sorry for you, I'm getting a 3 year old car in a few months and would be gutted if I did that to it. Would defo say replacement job pal, unless you can live with it :/ Heff
  14. Say Hello To My New Fiesta!

    Hmmm very nice :D Isit a 60 plate? Heff
  15. WOW I feel sorry for mate, I'll give you a little incline how expensive it will be, for me to get my barrael changed and my petrol lock on my moped they wanted 240 and that was one simple lock and my barrael. Good luck :D Heff