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  1. Is your ford sync up to date?
  2. @alexp999 It doesn't go to the same supplier and there are a lot of chinese fake / look alikes on Amazon. Was just checking.
  3. @unofix Have you personally used this cable? I ask as the Forscan website recommends not using the Amazon ones.
  4. Go here https://contact.dvla.gov.uk/vehicle/capture_transaction_type?locale=en&transaction_type_id=any_other_personalised_number_enquiry
  5. There are indeed. Impossible to put it down to anything other than they had extras or ran out of drums. LOL.
  6. @RyboNashy02 You can, if it has never been issued then they will put it into an auction. I wanted JULnnl to represent my birthday, where nn is a 2 digit number and l is the year letter I was born. I thought they would just sell me it, but they just put it in their next auction. Someone bought it as by this time I had already bought my own.
  7. @Raymond Dalli I would try posting this in the Puma forum or at the worst the Fiesta forum (similar engineering).
  8. Is there a part number on it to look up?
  9. Curious again as to why my model has disc brakes all round, when I have seen other ST-Line 125PS with drums on the rear.
  10. This is a photo of my fusebox. I have seen others with a circuit breaker occupying the black empty socket. I don't think I need a circuit breaker, was curious as to what it would protect on other models. Thanks in advance. Mark.
  11. @mariostrapo https://tpuk.net/tyre-pressure-sensor-air-o-e-for-ford-bmax-cmax-ecosport-fiesta-focus-ka-kuga.html
  12. @unofix Thank you. Makes sense to me now.
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