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  1. Well, After 2 months since i bought the car.... Its finally back with its new engine fitted. ive been driving it for the last week & have to say it drives nice. so quiet. I got him to upgrade the coolant hoses to the 3.5 thanks from advice on here. Also a new clutch kit & New battery, I got a slight rattle being the dash somewhere when pulling away slowly, need to find that 🤔 I upgraded the original wheels from 18s to 19s and its not terrible at all. maybe as im used to 22s on my truck lol. Painted the brake callipers red Fitted the wheel spacers Few more little upgrades i want to do but nothing major Also need to get the crack in the front bumper sorted, But all in all I'm back to some normality. And the cars pretty clean for a 2013 model
  2. whats the opinions on the better looking rear...... ZETEC S BUMPER ST BUMPER
  3. ok thanks for the info mate... might be to much agro going the 3.5 route then , shame as its a much better looking back end to the 3.5.
  4. Found them Ebay £100 but probs alot of work and filling before its any good or Fords are £168 New... 1 last thing before i commit...... to get it looking like a 3.5 at the back.... can you change the whole bumper, the lights, and the boot ? would those 3 things fit the preface lift ? or is it purely only the preface lift lower bumper i can change ?
  5. Thats a shame, The orange bumper was really cheap, seen them 3 times as much on ebay lol So the only 1 i can change it to is this 1 below.... and can i change just the bottom bit below the red line. Or is it the whole bumper
  6. Ye i see the difference you mention.... and i cant change just the bottom because that line looks longer on mine right ?
  7. Hi mate... Do you mean mine currently has smaller lights in MY bumper ? Because the new bumper has its own lights in it... Im only looking to change the lower part... grill and the bit above the exhaust and lights if needed... Your saying it still wont fit ?
  8. apart from that, everything else is a bolt on bolt off for the lower section and fit onto mine ? the exhaust is easilly sortable
  9. my car is 2013 and the rear bumper is like this.... im after changing the rear bumper to an ST bumper like below, My bumper looks the same apart from the bottom bit, does this just bolt off and will fit to mine ok ? it says 2016 on the orange bumper . just wanted to make sure its just a bolt on and off with the lower part.
  10. Hi, does anyone know what these are called, for a focus mk3. Thanks
  11. i still got to trim the studs off by about 2mm but half got the back wheel done earlier. Without...... With...... with...... Will cut the rest tomorrow hopefully and see how it looks and feels.
  12. ok mate cheers.... Why is nothing ever easy 😆
  13. Hi mate. Went to fit those spacers today, once i do the nuts up that bolt the spacers to the hub. Theres to much original thread poking through, and it stops me putting the wheel on by about 6 mm ish. My question is.... Do you or anyone know for sure that if i cut 6 or 7mm off the original threads, to make the wheel fit, do you think this will still leave enough thread to put the wheels on WITHOUT spacers in the future ? Not that i plan to take them off but you never know lol
  14. One of the funniest pranks ive heard... Wait until the end 😁
  15. Just as a back up id screen shot all his listings, so you clearly see the warranty thing on all his listings which as you say shows its no mistake, and if his not forth coming in helping you out, Then hit him with it, Best of luck mate
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