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  1. Hello all. I am new to this forum and hoping someone out there can help. I have a 2003 Mk6 Fiesta and Im ready to push it off a cliff! I blew a heater hose about a month ago, pulled over immediately, temp fix by cutting off end with blister and reattached hose. I filled up the water and ran the reservoir open to bleed any air locks. I didnt drive the car after that untill i fitted a new Ford hose from the dealer. Should be fixed right?...wrong! It started dying out under any labour (low revs) and when it did run it eventually went into the EAC limp mode. I could normally just turn the car off and on again to get rid of it but it would come back. So the garage (arnold clark) stuck it on the diagnostic machine and a fault code came up for the throttle body housing. So I reluctantly agreed to change that...still not fixed. So, Arnold Clarks experienced 'engine technician' (what happened to good ol'mechanic?) thought it would be best to just replace the whole ECU at £750.00! Obviously i said no and did some research. Turns out there is a fault with the 2003(ish) fiesta and fusion and the ECU terminals get dirty and need cleaned. This and the fact i blew a hose RIGHT next to the ECU matrix couldnt be a coincidence. So they reluctanly just cleaned the terminals and sure enough it ran....for a week. So super long story short...I freakishly found a loose wire (the gods were with me that day) on the plug that goes into where the coil pack is. So everytime the engine was put under any labour at low revs the engine would torque or flex and the wire would get pinched causing the signal to fail and the engine to act like it was starved of fuel. Well, after dissecting some old stereo equipment I made a new plug cause those femal connector are a treat to get out. So this fixed the whole car miss firing and dying out under labour (after changing the fuel filter, new leads, new coil pack, new throttle body and new plugs! lol) but now when im driving it still goes into EAC mode. So...after the history, the symptoms now are, flat spot in power around 3500/4000 revs and goes into EAC mode every trip at least once around those that rev point (coincidence?). It seems to get better (the flat spot in power) when the car is warmed up. Dont know if that will help anyone diagnose my car! Im not even sure if that EAC sensor has to get reset or if the flat spot is causing it to trip. Anyway, sorry for the long winded story. Pleeeeease someone help. If your right I might even be tempted to send a reward!! Thanks for your time, Mike Glasgow