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  1. Just Got A 07 Zetec 1.8 Petrol... Few Niggles..

    1) As far as I am aware, heated mirrors are only included on the Ghia trim models I think and as have said yours is a Zetec. Also the Ford manual you have covers all of the Focus models and they supply the same manual to all current Focus models - somewhere in the manual you should be able to see something along the lines of "Heated Front Mirrors (Ghia models only)" 2) It could be likely that your gas struts on the boot may need replacing, my 02 Focus does the same as well where if you only open it halfway, it stays there and you have to raise your hand all the way to the top to take it up there. 3) I can't answer that one for you unfortunately as I am not familiar with the MK2 stereos but I'm sure someone else will step in. Liam
  2. Strange Beep

    I've noticed with my key fob as well on most really cold mornings that it takes 2-3 times of pressing the button to get it to unlock the car but then throughout the rest of the day it unlocks promptly on 1 press. I would just put this down to the really cold mornings we have been getting. Liam
  3. Over Revved Caused Battery Light To Come On

    Our Focus's have the slighter older power assisted steering and not electric power steering ;) Liam
  4. Tightening Handbrake

    You should be able to adjust it yourself and make sure you are parked on a fully flat surface. Remove the handbrake gaiter and you should see a 8mm or 10mm nut, pump the brakes a few times and fully release the handbrake. With the 8/10mm spanner, fully loosen the handbrake cable nut and then raise the handbrake to around 4-5 clicks at the most and then do the nut up again until you can feel it getting tight but do not overtighten it. Test the handbrake a few times to make sure that it still fully works correctly after adjustment and then re-fit the handbrake gaiter. That is the quick and easy route to do it. A work collegue at work told me that if you have a handbrake with rear brake shoes (basically if your car does not have rear disk brakes) then apparently it is highly recommended that you also remove both rear wheels to remove the rear brake facilities and the brake shoes may need cleaning up as these can get really dirty with brake dust and sometimes if this is not carried out and if the handbrake is adjusted without doing this job, then the handbrake may not operate properly. He has got a Merc though so I don't know if this applies to Fords. Liam
  5. Over Revved Caused Battery Light To Come On

    This sounds alternator / aux belt or tensioner related to me, as their is no power going to the Power Steering. Liam
  6. Chip In Windscreen

    How much does a standard windscreen cost to buy? Much more than £70 I can guarantee (autoglass quoted me £200 just for a standard screen on my old Fiesta) but the insurance companies still do not make you pay the extra do they? So if you choose to claim on your insurance, state on the phone that your Focus came with a heated front screen from the factory and state to them that this is the replacement you want & should have - they should agree to this and if not, don't accept the standard one and take it up with the supervisor stating this and you can also prove that your car had the heated front screen as well because you had the switch for it inside the car and you also have the wiring built in - worst comes to the worst take some photos for proof. Liam
  7. Mk1.5 Zetec Advice

    I've got the same EXACT thing on my Focus with the passenger headlight and a bit on the drivers side too! I can literally just about fit a finger between the headlight and the bumper and on the driver's side their is not as much of a gap - probably only half a centimetre. I'm confused to why their is such a gap as well but personally I think it may be that the headlight unit itself may not be as big in diameter as the bumper allignment to me looks absolutely spot on and I have removed both headlights as well while carrying out bulb changes and even after fitting them back on the car they still look the same with the same gapping (the headlamps only have 3 fixing screws, 2 at the top on the headlight and 1 at the side of the unit). I have seen over MK1.5 Focus's about too with this same gap between the headlights and the bumper. Liam
  8. Over Revving Mk1 Focus

    I doubt it's an alternator issue as this will affect the battery and will cause the battery light on the dash to come on. Liam
  9. Over Revving Mk1 Focus

    Yep sounds much like the Throttle Position Sensor needs replacing to me. Liam
  10. Over Revving Mk1 Focus

    Do you mean it over revs itself when idle or when changing gear? If its when idle then it may be the idle control valve but if its when changing gear then it will be the throttle position sensor. Liam
  11. Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Help

    The problem is down to the Throttle Position Sensor and it will need replacing. This is a very common thing that goes wrong on the Zetec engines and I had the same problem with my 1.25 Fiesta. The new sensor costs around £30 and takes 5 minutes to change. Liam
  12. Ingress Of Water Into Drivers Seat Well.

    It's highly likely that part of the seal between your door is damaged and may need replacing, inspect it to see if you can see any splits or cuts in it anywhere around the door arch. Liam
  13. Advice On A Pair Of Focuses

    I would still walk away from the £750 one, £750 for it from a trader still sounds fairly cheap to me and there must be something else bad that he hasn't mentioned to you and he probably wants it sold quickly at that price. If you did get it and were looking to get the box changed then you would be looking at around the £200 mark maybe more for a reconditioned box and another £200 ish for a garage to change them over so that is over £400 for the job! I would really consider doing a HPI check on the car first before really looking at it. No doubt as well that other people have viewed the car and have walked away, but this is likely down to the gearbox issue. Also I find that the other Focus that went for £2000 is absoluetly shocking... he must of made a big profit out of that! Liam
  14. Steering Rack

    Yeah you will need to get the tracking re-done after getting the new rod fitted. Liam
  15. Faulty Fuel Gauage - Is This Common

    This will be down to a faulty fuel sensor in the fuel tank. My neighbour had the same problem on his Focus and the garage replaced the sensor which cured the problem. Liam
  16. Is It Normal To Use Oil

    I know your not giving out misleading information, I only know about the oil myself as in my owners manual it stated that 5w30 was the correct grade to use and say if in an emergency or if 5w30 was unavaliable, 10w40 would be suitable to use temporarily and to replace it back with 5w30 asap. The Halfords stuff is fine to use, my Mum's 1.25 Fiesta runs on the Halfords 5w30 oil and I've never noticed any reduction in oil at all when I check her car out once a month. Have you noticed any blue smoke coming from your exhaust at all? As this would indicate that the engine is burning oil. Liam
  17. Break,engine Light Comes On At Traffic Light

    Sounds like Aux belt or maybe tensioner related to me as the Power Steering is being affected and it's causing the battery light to come on as well as the same belt runs the alternator to charge the battery as well. Get it booked into a garage to get it checked out but my guess this either the Aux belt or the tensioner. Liam
  18. Is It Normal To Use Oil

    Zetec engines are well known to use oil over time but not excessively. On my 116,000 mile 1.6 Focus (52 plate) I have not really noticed any reduction in oil at all since owning it now for the past 6 months. Only stick to 5w30 oil as this oil is what the Zetec engines were designed to run on regardless of the mileage. 10w40 is to be used only during emergencies and should be replaced asap with the correct 5w30 grade oil and 10w40 should never be used a perminant or long term replacement. If you are worried about your oil then check around to see if their are any oil leaks, or book the car into the garage for an inspection. As worse case scenario, it could be something more serious to do with the engine that it making it consume oil excessively. Liam
  19. Will A Ford/sony Headunit Fit A Mk1 Focus

    No the one you have just posted won't fit in the MK1 Focus's unfortunately as they have different slotting catch fixings (basically the removal keys slot at the top of the unit to get it out and on the MK1 headunit's the removal keys slot into the sides) and I'm sure that the connector on the back of the unit is different too. Liam
  20. Heated Screen

    As already mentioned, if you choose to claim through your insurance for a new a screen - just ask the insurers to supply you with a heated one if they don't ask you and if they try to supply you with a standard one, refuse it. Liam
  21. Heated Screen

    Surely that can't be right... My Focus Zetec came with a heated front screen as standard as it's part of the Zetec model trim... say if I had to claim on the insurance for a new windscreen, they can't just supply me with a standard one as it technically isn't the correct one? If that was the case for me then I would kick up a fuss about it stating the above. Liam
  22. Advice On A Pair Of Focuses

    Hi Pete, To be honest I probably wouldn't go with either, I would just keep looking. To me though the T reg Focus sounds like the best one but as you have already said it is badly scratched up which to me sounds like it hasn't really been cared for properly cosmetically. Also the £1650 is overpriced, I would only pay £1100 at the most (though I bet he won't budge from £1650) even though it may be low mileage and FSH (has this one had a cambelt change at all? If not then don't bother unless he is willing replace it for free). £2000 for that Focus is really overpriced and don't forget it's nearly 12 years old and nowadays pre 2000 Focus go roughly the £1400 mark at the most. A chipped tooth on reverse gear isn't bad and should be ok but to cure the problem really you would be looking to replaced the gearbox which can be pricey. Has this V reg Focus for FSH as well or not? The £750 mark sounds fairly cheap for this one and to be honest I would be a bit wary as to why it is this cheap? (maybe it has a lot of previous owners or something else he hasn't mentioned i.e. if the car is not HPI clear and is a CAT C or D?) Liam
  23. Steam Cleaning Engine Bay

    I highly recommend only getting it done by someone who really knows how to do it otherwise as you said, damage can be done if it isn't done properly / carefully. I know one Pro though - the whole engine bay looks squeaky clean and brand new looking lol. I remember getting my Focus back in May and the engine bay looked absolutely brand new - I suspect that it was cleaned while at a Ford dealership not long before I got it as the previous owner px'ed the car there apparently. The only con that I can point out though is that within a couple of months the engine bay is completely dirty again :( Liam
  24. Help! On What To Do With My Focus

    Have you got proof that the clutch was done i.e. a receipt from a garage from when it was done? If not then it's likely that it hasn't really been done and that the seller lied to you. Don't believe the seller if they tell you that X and Y work has been done if they haven't got any proof. Liam
  25. Help! On What To Do With My Focus

    If they are the only things wrong with the car then I would just get them done, I wouldn't let something like these 2 things totally put me off the car as both these things need replacing on all cars eventually (except if it's an auto that is). The clutches on Focus's only last to the 100,000 mark anyway so either way it will have to be replaced. Brakes are also another thing that need to be replaced/maintained every few years and as you know, brakes are really important. If you still decide to sell it without getting the work done then I would still mention these problems when selling it as it would save you a lot of hassle with the buyer if he comes back to you shortly after buying the car off you and finding the problems. Obviously as well, you won't be able to sell car for how much you got it for a few months back but take a look on ebay to see what the rough estimate of other similar ones are going for. Dealer's will always sell cars at a more expensive price because they are a business at the end of the day. They could buy your car for as you said £500 and then carry out the work that needs doing and then sell the car on for around £1400. Liam