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  1. Stationary noise.

    Thank you very much for your reply, had a look under the car today and can't see any sign of contact between the exhaust and the underside of the car, there seems to be very little movement at all while the engine is ticking over. I'll have the car looked at sometime this week. Thanks again! Oh before i forget lol, i do have a noisey clutch bearing (i think it's a bearing) when i press the clutch down the engine is alot quiter, when the clutch is up there's a whuring noise, still doesn't seem to affect the tapping noise.
  2. Stationary noise.

    Hi there! First off hello, i'm new to this forum, there seems to be alot of feedback and posts for what car I have here so thought best thing to do would be to join and start asking some questions! =D I have a 97 1.25 Ghia 16v Fiesta and i've not had the car that long, about 2 months now, and i've sort of promised my mum and dad i wouldn't find anything to complain about on the car, as i'm abit of a critic when i'm in a car, can't help but listen for noises lol. Anyway i thought better to ask here then let my parents know i have a problem heh, what it is is i've noticed when sat stationary, for instance waiting at the road side waiting for my friend to get in the car to go to work, i can here a knock (proberly more of a tap compared to some peoples association with a knocking noise) it happens every 3-4 seconds and sounds like it's coming from the lower end of the car nearest the footpedals, it's not loud as such but noticeable, like someone tapping on the top of the car whilst your inside sort of noise if you get what i mean? lol The car's done 64700 miles, and as far as i know has had all the belts and what not done fairly recently, checked oil level and that's fine, all levels in bottles are fine (power steering fluid etc.) Reving the engine doesn't seem to make a diffrence, from what i can tell or it's because it's quiter than the engine noise so i can't hear it anymore. Any idea's would be greatly appretiated! Thank's in advance! =)