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  1. Code 1622:immobilizer id does not match
  2. jig

    Code 1622

    You may have to have an auto electrician to have a look at the wiring.I also get codes that say "airflow circuit defective","BSV and EGR valve signal too small".I dont know if it is the wiring or the actual sensors that are at fault but its a pain in the !Removed! as i keep getting check engine lights come on. This is worth a read and might be the problem: http://www.vehicle-electrics.co.uk/ford%20smart%20charge%20alternator.php 1622 is an imobilizer communication error
  3. I can well believe the second part about only working on a car for so long,the software part I have trouble with.If it came to light Ford would be destroyed.
  4. Should have said the Focus 1.6 TDCi (90 BHP) are non dpf till 2009.
  5. Focus TDCI (90 BHP) are non DPF till 2009 I believe
  6. Are DTC's associated with a check engine light? as I had a CEL did the dash trick and no DTC's showed up.CEL back off again know.
  7. Im in the same boat,just had the car serviced had to pay some of the cost of a new turbo and stand to loose too much from trying to sell the car.I have a service plan also but I think you can change the car.Its frustrating knowing what to do just hoping it doesnt start playing up again,and keep doing a suggested 20 run at over 2500 rpm every few weeks.
  8. If a Ford dealer sees the dpf has been worked on and notices ecu mods could they not refuse to work on your car or are the mods undetectable?
  9. jig

    Turbo Failure?

    My 2006 tdci had the turbo go at 85K.It lost power at first and I thought it went into limp home mode,it also made a whirring noise on acceleration which ended up as a grinding noise.The bearings had gone at it cost £1200 to fix.
  10. I take it it's a mk1 focus,it looks like it from the photo.You can pick these up on ebay or http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/focus_primed_door_mirror_cover_rh_679.htm.Some have a painted option http://www.wingmirrorman.co.uk/focus.html.Should be cheap enough from fords or euro car parts, and its just snap on fit
  11. I emailed support at Ford etis and asked about the dpf renewal they have as part of the extended period maintenance at 75000 miles,they replied that that couldn't supply any further information and to contact a Ford dealer or Ford Customer Relations Centre. I already know what two Ford dealers have told me as in previous posts,so contacted Customer Relations who after getting on to the technical department confirmed it does want replacing at 75k. So there you have it then,total confusion
  12. Just thought I would add an update to whats happening.I picked up the car this morning all running well.Fords told me that the only code which required attention was the airmass meter.This had been cleaned out and put back on diagnostics and all was fine,the next stage was a long trip to see if the codes come up again.I asked them about the DPF renewal at 75k and they told me the same as the other dealer.It does not get renewed at any stage of the service,it only gets topped up with EOLYS fluid if needed.My service book doesn't list all work to be carried out on each service but I do have each service check sheet for all the milage and there is no mention of dpf renewal at 75K only fluid top up.Why Ford etis is saying this needs doing as extended period maintenance I don't know. If anyone has had problems with dpfs maybe they can shed some light on this.Fords told me they have issues with the bigger engine 2.0l etc doing stop start journeys,mine is a 1.6 and that an occasional hard drive for half to one hour at high revs should be ok
  13. Thanks for your quick response Catch,my post is a bit confusing but I was running between garages being told it was this and another saying it was that.The outcome was only Ford could do a forced regen,so I took it there and they told me it was a blown turbo which was £1100 to fix and then see if all was ok on the diagnostics.There is no mention of a regen on the invoice so I presume it wasn't done. Like yourself I thought the dpf was blocked or partly blocked hence throwing up a check engine light, it being cleared and running alright again for a while then throwing another check engine light after driving another few hundred miles.I phoned up the garage where the servicing was done in Scotland,they told me the dpf was not changed at 75k as they only do it if it needs changing.They also said they had never known a dpf to go wrong.I thought it was part of the service and had to be replaced to stamp the service book. So chances are it needs a new dpf,Fords are going to want stupid money,is it worth doing as the majority of driving i do is in town?The check engine light is off now but it still feels down on performance
  14. I have a MY56 tdci focus and have had problems since buying it.I have owned it since August of last year.I looked the car over and everything seemed in order also checked it had full service history,which it does from Ford main dealers.On doing a bit of research and reading about Dpfs,I looked under the car for the dpf as suggested by a forum member.As I didnt see the seperate dpf and cat I thought I did;nt have a dpf as there was no mention of dual cat/dpfs.It wasn't until I took the car to my local garage on having a check engine light on,who told me to take it to a diesel specialist that I found out it was dpf and the codes coming up where relating to it needing a regeneration.The car went into limp home mode and a strange whirring sound could be heard.I was told to take it to Fords as they can only do a forced regen.After fords inspected it, i was told that the tubo bearings had gone and a new turbo was needed.this might of explained the whirring sound.The two garage i took it to previously thought it only needed a regen,could running it on a blocked or partly blocked dpf cause turbo failure? After having the car back with a new turbo and associated parts fitted it ran well for two weeks until now when I noticed the gradual loss of power and now check engine light again.I took it to the diesel specialist again and he pulled the codes:P0100,P0483,P2141,P1622,P0102,P0047,P2458, exactly the same errors as when I took it before.I have booked it into Fords on Monday and they say that even an inspection cost of £118 will be liable if it is nothing to do with the work they had done. I had queried them before getting the car back last time wether a regen was done or the work was following the Ford bulletin on replacing a turbo,all they said was everthing that needed doing hasbeen done without any detail.Who would like to bet that the problem the car comes back with is nothing to dom with the last fault and just giving them an open cheque to charge what they want? The car by the way has 85000 miles on the clock also the oil that was changed went dark brown quickly after I got it back.Any help or any thoughts would be much apprieciated?
  15. jig

    Dab Radio ??

    I would imagine it would have DAB on it if it was digital.