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  1. You're totally right. Definitely take a photo of the code and keep it safe - lesson learnt! Called a local garage that specializes in Fords and they charge £75 to remove the old nuts and fit a new Ford set with new key! Ford garage would not help unless I gave them several hundred pounds!
  2. Thanks for that! Is that the codes for a 2016 s-max or later? I ordered one from autodoc that said it was for my car but the connection was completely different and had to send back. I may just get them from Ford this time to ensure they fit.
  3. Thanks for the advice. The change went well - we used pliers and a clamp because we didn't have the wind back tool 1 month later and the brakes are still working and no wheels have fallen off! One issue, completely my fault - I am an idiot... I seem to have lost my locking wheel nut!!!! Any advise on this apart from giving ford several hundred quid. It was in the little bag when it went missing. I think the replacement code was on the bag!
  4. Umm, I might have accidently cleared all the DTCs.. I'm left with two: BdyCM - Intrusion sensor module - component or system operation obstructed or blocked PSCM - U0415:00-0A - Invalid data received from anti-lock brake system - control module A - Module - power steering control module. I'll wait until the ESC warning comes on again - next time I drive it and will report back. Maybe this is all to do with the front right speed sensor as first thought!
  5. So my Forscan reader arrived today and running it has me in a slight panic mode. It came back with a lot of codes! PAM - U0415:00-28 BdyCM - B109F:97-0A C-CM - U0418:86-2C ABS - U0140:00-20 ABS - U0100:00-20 ABS - U3003:16-68 ABS - C0034:2F-68 ABS - C0034:07-68 ABS - C0051:67-68 ABS - C0034:15-20 RCM - U0253:00-28 All this because I thought I could solve the ESC service issue. It looks as though i do have a faulty right front speed sensor but it may be a whole lot more than that! Strange as I have no warning lights on the dash apart from the ESC service and all the related safety features disabled. May need to result to a ford garage!
  6. I was worried though that if I get one that says rear axle for the front right then it might make the car go a little crazy Thinking maybe this is beyond me and may just take to dealer. I changed the brakes and pads and that was a success but getting the right ABS sensor is a step to far 🙂
  7. This is doing my head in. Will pop into ford later. Been onto their eBay parts site but they do not have it in stock! The link you sent me was, according to them not right for my car - 2016 plate. The part that sites keep saying are for my car have a sensor that is a different shape to the one in there now. This is the wrong one - I think it may just be for the back..... This is the connector on the one I removed from my front right wheel:
  8. Thanks Unofix. So if I use that cable and connect it to a laptop with the FORscan software installed, I don't need the any other equipment - just this cable (2nd one for my 2016 s-max) and and laptop with the software?
  9. I found this on amazon - what did you modify to get it to work? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Forscan-Scanner-ELMconfig-FoCCCus-Diagnostic/dp/B07MQ8GHG3/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=24R40WF5UJ5LU&keywords=forscan&qid=1684225421&s=automotive&sprefix=forscan%2Cautomotive%2C67&sr=1-1-spons&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9hdGY&psc=1&smid=A35I0S57VEE27L
  10. That connection looks like the correct one however, as you mention, the 'rear' in the description is putting me off. I've messaged them to see if it still works or if there is a front specific one. Thanks for the tip on the Forscan!
  11. I ended up just manually releasing the handbrake. I couldn't seem to get it to release following the steps. It turns out that a wind back tool would have been useful as it was a pain with pliers. Oh and I needed an 11mm allen key and only had a 10. Apart from that, it all went smoothly. Now just a repair on the front right ABS sensor - I keep having the esc service required warnings and it seems often to be the front right one. I had intended to do it at the same time but... the part I got didn't fit. I think it must be for the mk1 s-max.
  12. Hi @fabgav, where did you get the front sensor from - what was the part number? I ordered a part from autodoc but... it didn't fit. I think it may be for a mk1 not my 2016 s-max. It looks as though this was the original part number however, if you've successfully purchased one I'll take your guidance. Annoyingly, I bought a scanner from amazon (Veepeak OBDCheck BLE Bluetooth OBD II Scanner ), it works but no faults show on the car - even when the esc service lights all come on so no idea what the issue is. I'm just following advice from this section pointing to it probably being the front right abs sensor. 2C204 1877755
  13. I've purchased the new RHS front ABS sensor, front brake pads, rear discs and pads. Also got some disc lube. Is there anything else or any ford specific tools you all think I will need?
  14. I found this on the internet: Ford S-Max/Galaxy Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) – Manual release/Service mode The following procedures should be followed before service work is carried out on the electronic parking brake system fitted to the Ford S-max/Galaxy models 2006-2008. Service mode activation (EPB off) ■ Release the parking brake ■ Switch ignition ON (pos 2) ■ Press and hold down throttle pedal ■ Press and hold down the parking brake switch ■ Switch ignition Off (pos 0) ■ Switch ignition ON (pos 2) within 5 seconds ■ When the parking brake has fully actuated (off) switch ignition OFF (pos 0) ■ Release throttle pedal ■ Release parking brake switch Service mode de-activation (EPB on) ■ Switch ignition ON (pos 2) ■ Press and hold down throttle pedal ■ Lift and hold the parking brake switch ■ Switch ignition Off (pos 0) ■ Switch ignition ON (pos 2) within 5 seconds ■ When the parking brake has fully actuated (on) switch ignition OFF (pos 0) ■ Release throttle pedal ■ Release parking brake switch
  15. Yes, my car a EPB so glad I don't need that tool! Thanks.
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