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  1. Recommended Led's

    well i'll have a look as i've got two sets of clocks anyway
  2. Recommended Led's

    already had a vw golf
  3. Recommended Led's

    i'm not changing the mileage displace bulb just the ones for the rev & speedo gauge. As for the footwells yes it's a face lift and the holders are already there as i've had bulbs in them and they do turn off once the car is locked or after a minute when the door is closed
  4. Recommended Led's

    Can anyone recommended some good led bulbs that are bright. I'm looking at changing the bulbs in the speedo to blue and added bright white ones to the bulb holders in the footwell on my mk1 focus. There are loads on eBay, but i was wondering what other people have used and worth getting
  5. Hey Everyone

    true lol hoping to sort the wiring out to get the heating pads to work on the seats
  6. Hey Everyone

    3 door, small engine and leather interior :)
  7. Hey Everyone

    cracked fibreglass bumper, sideskirts not fitted right and an exhaust that isn't fitted right lol
  8. Hey Everyone

    Ince at the minute, but moving into a flat on Darlington St next mouth
  9. Hi Everyone

    hi ben :) i know how you feel, my partner is having her 5 month scan next friday
  10. Hey Everyone

    where abouts in Wigan are you from Ben?
  11. Hey Everyone

    Hey everyone :) i'm from the north-west and a first time owner. I got a 51 plate 3dr Focus LX last night. It's only a 1.4, but i only wanted a small engine anyway (cheaper to run). It's abit boyracer ish at the minute, but i'm going to change some bits and tidy it up :)
  12. Were Is Everone?

    i'm from Wigan WN1