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  1. chuzzwuzzer

    Ford Focus Mk2 2007 Main Beam Problem

    Fusebox for the lights was under glovebox.Checked fuse 37 and 38 which apparently is the main beam fuses.Cant see any damage to the filament. Handbook shows a totally different fusebox so had to look on the net for the correct diagram. Where do i go from here. Just seems weird that the main beam on both sides has stopped working since i changed the headlight bulb ?
  2. chuzzwuzzer

    Ford Focus Mk2 2007 Main Beam Problem

    How the hell do you get to fusebox. Manual says you have to unscrew someting in the glovebox.
  3. Recently changed a faulty bulb in my passenger side headlight.Working fine now but now both the full beams on both headlights aren't working. No blue light on dash either. Could me changing a bulb have blown the fuse for the main beams on both sides ?
  4. chuzzwuzzer

    Ford Focus Roof Bars Sealant Question

    Well now theres a neat little square cut out of the sealant and with the actual hole for the bolt i'd imagine its just going to fill up with water and stay like that .If it didn't need it why would ford gob it up with sealant in the first place .Maybe i'm worrying over nothing.I'll try and find some bolts that will fit and try the rubber washer method
  5. Have an 07 Ford Focus and just bought some Ford roof bars to use with cycle carriers .Tried them yesterday to make sure they were ok and then removed them as i wont be using them for a while. My only concerned is that now i have removed the sealant from the roof panels where the screw goes in whats to stop water getting into the holes and causing rust etc when the roof bars aren't in use ?
  6. Hi.Recently bought a Focus Zetec Climate 2007.It has the stock ford 6000cd stereo.problem is everytime you set the time on the clock and save it the minute you turn the engine off and restart the car the clock resets itself back to 16.00 . Strange thing is that it remembers all the station presets but wont keep the time. Is this knackered or can it be reset somehow ?